Creating a Private Space for Manifesting

It can be difficult to find the time and place for daily visualization.  Between your job, your friends, your partner, and your kids (or any applicable combo thereof) you may find that you don’t have the time (or perhaps just the private space) to conduct Law of Attraction visualizations.  Perhaps there are some times/places you haven’t thought about, though.

1) The Bath/Shower – this is an excellent time to work on your manifestations.  Think about the bath or shower.  One common cliché is that people sing in the shower.  Why, instead of singing, couldn’t you visualize?  Water is very powerful and contains wonderful healing energy.  This energy also can assist you in your visualization process.  By cleansing your energy as you are visualizing, your intent will be clearer and more powerful.  Plus, most of us aren’t bothered too often when taking our morning bath.

2) Your Lunch Break – sure, it’s nice to eat out a time or two each week, but you can easily turn 20 minutes of your lunch break into a great visualization session.  Find somewhere that you won’t be bugged.  This could even be outside as you walk laps around your building.  Use this time twice a week to visualize your desires.

3) Your Smoke Break – I know, these are often social events.  However, think about how many times each day you smoke (this of course is only for smokers).  Could you not cut one smoke break away from everyone else?  Non smokers at work, could you not cut a 15 minute break for yourself as well?

4) Bedtime – Often the quietest time of day for a parent is the small window of time between the children going to bed and the parents going to bed.  Perhaps there is a window in here for you to visualize?  Or perhaps you could do it as you lay down, after you’ve told your spouse good night.  There are no rules against visualizing with your eyes closed, you know…

The point here is that there are many small time slots throughout the day where you can slide a 10-15 minute visualization session in without being distracted.  Sometimes we need to stop and really think about when we are going to work on manifesting our desires.  If you never cut out time to work on your desires, how will you see them met?  Remember, your desires being fulfilled will not only be a blessing to you, but also to everyone you care about.  So for their sake as much as your own, find a time, mark it off, and enjoy the fun of visualizing!

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