Create Your Own Truth

Unfortunately many people want prosperity to come, but have created a situation where it is very hard for the universe to get past the walls they have built. 

These walls could come from an influence you experienced as a child.  When you kept asking for things at the store, your parents may have told you, "You can’t have everything you want. Life doesn’t work that way."

You heard their words and created a truth in your life that you cannot have it all.

It may have come from a bad experience in which you did not get a job you wanted.  At the time you thought your whole future was hinged on that job, and when someone else got the position instead you believed you were not worthy of the job of a lifetime.

You then created a truth off this belief that you should not get a better job.

This type of truth will hold you back. It is deep in your inner being and guiding the way you live your life, and the things you draw to you.

You have to get rid of these and create new truths.

Look at why you created these truths.  When your parents said you could not have everything, they were not telling you that everything in life was not possible. It was just their way of telling you they did not want to purchase everything you wanted. That doesn’t mean you can’t have it.  You must retrain yourself to realize that you can have all the things you desire, you do not need your parents approval, and you rely on no one to get these things for you, because through the universe you can draw them to yourself.

In the job scenario, you must stop believing that you are not worthy of your dream job.  Why did you not get that first job you thought was so important? There could have been a number of reasons.  The person hired may have had an in. Maybe you weren’t perfectly qualified at the time. Or even more importantly, it’s possible that had you gotten and taken that job, you would not have been in the right place in life for some of the other things that you needed to experience. 

Look inside. Do you have walls? You may not even realize they are there, but they may be blocking your path to prosperity. 

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