Create a Prosperity List

The best way to become prosperous is to visualize it, but what if you don’t see it when it really comes?

This is a reason to create a prosperity list.

A prosperity list can be a piece of paper, a simple notebook or a grand journal entry with a list of the things you want to receive as you achieve prosperity.  They can be a variety of simple things that will make your days happier, such as ‘paying $200 on the credit card’ or ‘a coffee table for the living room’, a little more ambitious such as ‘paying off the car’, or pleasant gifts for yourself such as ‘a new diamond tennis bracelet’. 

Create a Prosperity List of these items, and keep track of the list. 

Over time, you may notice that the things you want change, make sure to jot down the changes.

This list should be part of your daily affirmations.  Do your affirmations, open yourself up to prosperity, and read over the list of things you would like.

Also make sure to notice when you are getting the things you are asking for.  Many people overlook divine surprises that fulfill their desires, and feel that they are working hard to be prosperous, but are not getting results. The problem is they are looking for tangible, cash, results.  That is not the only way that prosperity works.

For example, if you had put ‘a coffee table for the living room’ on your list, and someone you know had a coffee table they were giving away, and it was perfect for your space, that is one of the items on your list being fulfilled. Or if you had listed ‘a new diamond tennis bracelet’ and your parents purchased one for you as a birthday present, that also is one of your items being fulfilled.

By creating a prosperity list and taking note when items on that list are fulfilled, you will see that the path to prosperity actually works. That will strengthen your determination in the process, and that increased determination and positive thinking will equate to increased results.

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