Countering the Ego

Let’s get one thing straight.  The ego is not your friend.  In fact, when it comes to manifesting abundance and love, the ego is your worst enemy.  Let’s look at how you can begin to counter the ego and take control of your destiny.

The ego was formed in early childhood, when your open energy began to close due to external pressures.  These were parents, siblings, teachers, Sunday school teachers…  Basically anyone who attempted to capture your attention, whether or not their intentions were benign, caused you to begin narrowing your energy focus.  You had to tune out all of the distraction – you were perceiving too much!  It was overwhelming.  All of these people demanded your focus, and you were swirling through the tiniest of reality’s details. 

Once you narrowed your focus tightly enough, you realized that you weren’t sure how to interact with these beings.  You watched the way that they interacted with one another.  You began to mimic some of the things they did, and some of the things they said.  You began using their responses to build a front – a version of yourself you could put out to this world of demanding people in order to feel accepted.  You would appease them and then float through the clouds on your own time.  Only your own time never came, and you forgot how to float…

The ego is a false reality.  Our minds are false realities.  They are built from the egos of those around us when we were young, and now they are stifling.  Our egos keep us detached from our true selves by virtue of a stream of mental chatter that never ends, distracting, distracting, and ultimately allowing us to continue focusing ourselves in the narrow strip of reality we use to navigate our daily lives.

But we don’t need this anymore!  Now you are an adult.  Now you have your own time interspersed with your daily responsibilities.  Meditation is little more than learning to calm, quiet, and ultimately transcend the ego that you have built around you.  Learn to be still.  Learn to find your center. 

Learn to let go.

In letting go, you release your false-reality muzzle and begin to experience the unlimited potential that is your consciousness.  By releasing the shackles of ego, you free yourself!  And within the unlimited creative potential of your consciousness, there is your abundance.  The physical world does not drop away – instead it is enhanced, beautified, and clarified by your new clarity of consciousness!  Invest a little time each day, each week, or whenever possible, into learning to become still.

When the noisy mind is tamed, reality seeps in.

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