Clearing Past Obstacles Out of the Way

Leave the past in the past.  This is a thought many people have a tough time with.  Many live every day by thinking about things in their past, and how they affect their present. 

Consider a person you know who is looking to get into a relationship. Do they go out every day, opening their lives up to a perfect person who can come to them? Or, when they meet a new person do they instead compare them to the people in their past and the failures of past relationships?  By holding on to those thoughts and feelings from the past, and projecting them onto the new situation, they are setting themselves up for a failed relationship before it event starts. 

This also holds true when you are looking to be prosperous. 

If you hold onto negative thoughts about money from your past, you will project them into your future.  For example, if you had an experience where you felt as if you were a failure in a financial dealing, and you always have that in the back of your mind, you may be causing your subconscious to set you up for failure in all present dealings.

This is a time where you need to ask yourself if there are such negative things from your past that are holding you back. 

Try an affirmation such as, “I free any thoughts that are from the past, which may be holding be back. I no longer choose to believe in the negative influences from my past. I am a more successful person now with no such limitations.”

Repeat this affirmation as needed while also allowing your self to remove those negative thoughts of your past interactions. 

When you catch yourself pre-judging your ability to be prosperous, stop, and try to pinpoint the source of the judgment. When you can isolate it, work to remove it from your mind. This may take much work and time, as these thoughts have likely been deeply imbedded for many years. As you remove the negative thoughts, only fill the space with positive thoughts that will lead you to prosperity.

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