Chicken Soup and the Law of Attraction!

I can hear you wondering what do these diverse subjects have to do with each other! Well, chicken soup, as all moms know, is good for what ails you. The Law of Attraction, on the other hand, has no singular ability to improve your health, or emotions, it’s boundless power can only reflect back to you the nature of energy which you yourself are discharging.

Hmmm, well, now that we’ve cleared that up! This discussion isn’t actually about the type of chicken soup that Joseph Campbell made a huge success out of canning, it is actually about a modern day success story, that of the  wildly popular `Chicken Soup for the Soul’ line of books. More specially, it’s about Jack Canfield, the originator of what grew from a book idea he couldn’t market in 1992, into an entire Chicken Soup for the Soul empire known world wide today.

Prior to 1990, Jack, along with his co-originator of the CSS Corporation, Mark Hansen, was a much sought after motivational speaker. Today, Jack is still a highly desired inspirational lecturer, however he is now also recognized as an expert teacher on The Secret, the book and movie phenomenon explaining the Law of Attraction. Featured in the movie, The Secret, Jack now also leads others on this proven path to immeasurable power that is available for each of our own uses. Do you believe a man, with a book idea that 140 publishers once turned down, has something to share about the strength of believing in the power of creating your own future? Of course he does. Do you hesitate still? Do you believe you must possess some special talent or be at some financial or educational level before you can even pursue manifesting your destiny towards greatness?

Please understand, Jack Canfield is just one of countless modern day success stories who credit the Law of Attraction with the level their personal accomplishments. A majority of these achievement minded people go by names you will never hear on the news. Many will never write best selling books, and most will pass though this life with no public accolades. What is important, though, is that they are practicing the Law of Attraction, they are creating their own good fortune, and they will leave behind a legacy in their own sphere of influence.

There is but one infinite power. There are universal spiritual laws, such as free will, and cause and effect, that are understood to be true, particularly be those who reach for enlightenment. The natural laws of the universe are precise and unchanging. We live in a very orderly universe. Have you ever considered that if the sun were to move any closer to the earth we would all cease to exist due to the tremendous heat? Flip that coin over, and realize that if the sun decided to pull away from the earth just a bit, we would be frozen very quickly. Your mind was wonderfully and magnificently created, and holds power beyond calculation. The thoughts you are currently experiencing are things, not abject nothings, but solid manifestations of your emotions, generating a reflection of our own feelings and beliefs.

Are you satisfied with what has been coming into your life? If you truly are, I applaud you, since I must ascertain you are already an advocate of the Law of Attraction. If not, what is holding you back? A virtual ocean of goodness awaits your command to send in the waves of success. I send you peace, joy, and love as you begin your future today.

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