Changing Negative Circumstances

There are likely circumstances in your life that are less than pleasant.  Whether it be personal relationships, a dull or stressful job, or financial distress, there is something you wish you could turn completely on its head.  Luckily, the Law of Attraction is fully capable of allowing you to take the things in your life that you do not enjoy and replace them with things that you do enjoy.  Let’s take a peek at how you can use the Law of Attraction to change negative circumstances in your life.

First and foremost, while you will identify what you do not currently like about your life, this must not be your focus while using the Law of Attraction.  Use your “don’t-wants” to more easily define your “do-wants”, and then focus only on them.  The Law of Attraction, the Universe, and the Subconscious Mind are all incapable of distinguishing between a negative and a positive – whatever is given focus is what will manifest.  “I don’t want to be poor” will make you poorer, while “I desire wealth” will turn that situation around.  Start by figuring out what would best replace your negative circumstance, and then turn your attention fully to that.

Begin by visualizing, as frequently as possible for as long as possible, your new desire.  Be it a new job, more harmonious relationships, or an improvement in finances; imagine, as vividly as you are able, the end result.  Imagine, aka visualize, being free of financial stress, buying the things you want, walking out of your old job for the last time and into your new one, or happy interactions with others.  Act scenes out in your head where your desire has already happened, and allow yourself to become as emotionally vested as you possibly can, as your emotion will fuel your desire’s manifestation.

There are times in life when unpleasant circumstances will arise as the result of a transition from the old to the new.  This may be actual bad circumstances, or may be as little as your own fears that things aren’t going to get better.  In any case, the trick is to focus on the positive – what you presently are grateful for and what you desire for your future – and to focus as little as possible on the current negative experience.  That’s not to say you ignore it, or pretend you are not affected – just don’t spend the majority of your thought in anger, disappointment, depression, or other harmful forms of thought.

Finally, as the clouds begin to break, appreciate fully each and every step on the path out of your old unpleasant circumstances and into the new.  Realize that each progressive change, whether seemingly helpful or not, is leading you toward your desire.  Allow the process to unfold events naturally, and you will soon find that your old circumstances have evolved entirely into your desired circumstance.  Always remember to be grateful afterwards, as you begin working on your next great manifestation adventure.

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