Overcoming Manifestation Problems – Linguistics and Submodalities

The Law of Attraction states that what you focus on, think and believe will be attracted into your life.  Sometimes it is still difficult to manifest your desires.  Our world, as we perceive it, is not reality.  It is merely a representation of reality formed by the senses.  We define this reality and the elements in it using language. 

There are some important points to note when discussing language and the Law of Attraction.  First and foremost, when you “want” something, you lack it.  This is a common way of expressing a desire, and yet by use of the language alone, prohibits it from manifesting.  So long as you “want” something, you will not have it.  This has to do more with the literal ways in which the subconscious processes language.  This is also why visualizing having what you want in the present is so important. 

Next, note the language you use to describe your visualizations.  Because visualizing is just imagining, it will be different in each person.  Note the sensory words you use: I “see” a beautiful house; I “feel” that I am free; I “hear” the birds chirping.  Each of these demonstrates a different sensory clue.  Do your mental pictures work primarily as visuals?  Kinesthetics?  Sounds?  These are the three most common primary senses.

Now, using some tricks from NLP (Neuro-Linguistic-Programming), let’s take your visualizations and make them stronger.  This will empower your manifestation efforts greatly!  Using what is known as submodalities, you can make your visualizations far more effective than ever before.  You can also mix these across all senses to really power charge your imagination. 

When you are visualizing a movie or pictures, treat the movie/pictures as a TV screen in front of you.  Make the screen bigger.  Bring it closer to you.  Turn up the brightness knob.  Turn up the volume.  Allow feelings to get stronger.  What?  Did nobody ever tell you you could do these things?  It’s your mind; you should be able to work it any way you like.

The magic of using submodalities in NLP is that you can begin to elicit far more powerful feelings from your mental pictures.  And as you know, the feelings are the energy that actually put the manifestation in motion.  Learning to use these simple NLP tricks, you can manifest far more powerfully than ever before.  Remember to be aware of the language that you use in manifesting.  Want for nothing; experience everything.

The Ultimate Video Game: Life

Imagine the most detailed video game world you can imagine.  The creators have created an entire universe full of stars, planets, humanoids, animals, plants, and all manner of life.  All of the physics have been perfected.  Enough complexity has been built into the minds of the life forms to create an infinite number of complex stories as any two or more life forms interact.  Now, the game has been released, you have bought it, and you are getting ready to play.  However, for this game, you actually attach a wire directly into your brain and become a part of the game.  You see what your character sees, feel what your character sees, hear what your character sees, etc.  For all intensive purposes, once you start playing this game, you are in the game in every imaginable way.  Your brain is hard-wired into the system, it is entirely real to you, and your normal life outside of the game is completely left behind until the game ends.

As you play, you become lost in the endless complexity and detail of the game.  All of the endless possibilities swirl around you, and you find numerous ways to entertain yourself, as well as find things that you aren’t so fond of.  As you play and play, the sense of time distorts your reality, and everything outside of the game fades back into your mind, forgotten, unneeded.  You become your character, and the game becomes your reality.  After long enough, you forget that there is a reality outside of the game.  The game is all there is, and you begin to form beliefs and expectations within the game.  Furthermore, you become very busy, with the multitude of activities necessary for survival.  The longer you invest in the game and in your character, the more important to you it is to survive, and the more violently you will fight to stay in the game.

Finally, due to built-in restrictions, your character ages, becomes more and more useless, experiences less pleasure, is unable to do the things it enjoys.  One day, finally, your character dies.  All of your beloved in-game friends and family gather around and mourn your loss.

Suddenly, in a room somewhere, you open your eyes back to reality.  As images of your game-lifetime flash before you, you remember who you really are and where you came from.  You pull the wire out of your brain, sit back, and contemplate the game you just played.  You think about all of the parts you enjoyed, and all of the things you could have done better.  After awhile your friends call you up – they’re back out of their games too.  You all discuss the game you just played, and then decide to all go back in, creating new characters and trying again. 

Soon after you re-enter the game, you begin to forget your reality outside of the game again.   Even though you try to remember this is only a game, you can’t help but forget.   But that’s all this is – one massive, incredible, amazing video game that we souls love to play.  And no matter what happens inside this game, we will always wake back up at the end of our lives, back into our true reality. 

Give some thought to this analogy – it may be more literal than you think…

Visualization and the Law of Attraction

The old adage, `You don’t need to be a rocket scientist’ actually does apply to quantum physics! Your thoughts are things! Does that information stagger your consciousness? Your thoughts are actually creating your life! You, as the owner of your thoughts, feelings, emotions, are designing your reality every moment, awake or not. What you experience on a daily basis is a mirror reflection of that which you are focused on.

You do not need to travel to a high mountain in India to receive enlightenment, it already exists in your conceptual self. What you will need to do is discover for yourself the vehicle that most easily enables you to  visualize your dreams, and ultimately causes them to be manifested in reality. There are numerous tools available for your visualization needs. Power wheels, victory boards, and even a simple river rock can all help you deliberately direct your positive energy towards the life you desire.

The power wheel resembles a pizza, if you will, with a circle in the middle. In that circle you write down, or place a picture of, the desire you will be manifesting into actuality. Around the circle, in the `slices’ write down descriptions, or place more pictures of people who are already experiencing this specific type of success. Don’t generalize! If you are envisioning a home with a rock fireplace in the 1500 square foot master bedroom, do not allow your energy to wander vaguely! The Law of Attraction is extremely precise, as is any absolute truth, and it will not give you exactly what you want if your thoughts are less than concentrated. As you dwell devotedly on your power wheel be thankful for the home that will be, as if it already is. Imagine yourself decorating the home, entertaining in it, and especially experiencing the tranquility that only creating your own personal sanctuary can bring.

A victory board will generally be less structured than the power wheel, but with equally influential results. Purchase a poster board, or a bulletin board. Write extremely descriptive plans regarding your goal, and post these, along with photos or drawn images that coincide with your intentions. This visualizing tool is very similar to the power wheel in concept, but just as there are many different dreams, there must exist different tools that enable your positive energy to be funneled in the right direction, also. It is not important which tool you avail, it only matters that you have one, and you are faithful to the concentration of your emotions towards that ultimate objective.

How can a lowly river rock help you achieve wildly ambitious aspirations? Quite simply, you carry it with you consistently, and whenever you feel it in your pocket, remember to visualize your dream. Anything that keeps you focused, keeps you energized, and helps to maintain your joyful expectancy is worthy of your efforts as you discover for yourself which tool or tools work best for you. There is no right or wrong way to call the Law of Attraction into action on your behalf, there is only doing it, and beginning today!

How to Meditate

Meditation is a powerful skill that can benefit your life in many tangible ways.  To start with, the Law of Attraction is far easier to apply when you know how to block distractions during your visualization exercises.  Meditation allows you to relieve stress, both in the moment and in general, as the effects of meditation will begin to bring you a more peaceful state of being even when you are not meditating.  Meditation also allows you to stop negative thoughts, or to get out of loops of thought that distract you or keep you awake at night.  It becomes easier to set your worries and fears aside, and you may even have a spiritual experience, allowing you to see beyond the veil of this physical reality.

So how do you meditate?  To start, all you need to do is stop everything and sit down somewhere.  Be comfortable, but not in a spot where you can easily fall asleep.  Sit with yourself and become aware of the thoughts that your mind is processing.  It may be difficult to just sit still, especially at first when your mental chatter can nearly drive you crazy.  After awhile though, your mind will become bored and run out of things to do.  If you can remain still when this happens, you will enter a state of pure being.

This state is still, quiet, peaceful, and relaxing.  You will feel your concerns about the past and the future melting away, and only the present moment will matter.  Your stress levels will lower and you may begin to feel somewhat euphoric.  Don’t do anything, don’t think anything, and don’t judge the experience, just learn to sit and be.  This is far more difficult than it at first sounds, and yet it is the simplest thing in the world.

All of the huge benefits of meditation await you behind this door, and until you can truly sit and meditate, you will not realize any of these effects.  So it is crucial to get through the difficult part, which is going to be the first few times you try this.  Your mind, your ego itself, is not used to being still, to being silent, or to focusing on the present moment.  Your mind must reference the past and plan for the future, it must be busy and active, and in stillness, it dies away.  So expect your mind to put up a good fight.  You may feel discomfort, or out of control thoughts.  You might even begin to feel like you’re sitting on a stove, and every cell in your body will want to lurch up and go do something.

Resist this until it stops, and you will find the beginnings of true inner peace.  I can not stress the value of learning to be silent.  There is a wealth of information and emotion within you that you do not have access to until you have become still.  You may find yourself working through past issues that are affecting you.  You may find yourself blasted into a spiritual experience.  You may just find that sitting in euphoria is incredibly pleasant.  In any case, your manifesting abilities and your spiritual side will flourish with the simple addition of meditation to your regimen. 

Creating an Intention List

An intention list is a very powerful tool when it comes to manifesting with the Law of Attraction.  Basically, and intention list is a list of everything you want and hope to accomplish.  Building your list is a great manifestation meditation, and reviewing your list will add fuel to the fire.  Let’s talk more about what an intention list is and how you can create one.

Think about all of the things you want, and begin to write them down.  You may write things such as a plasma TV, a new car, a new house, a great job, a million dollars, a vacation to Hawaii, etc.  Just write down one item per line and write until you’ve exhausted your desires.  More will come to you over the next hour and even week, and you will want to add them as they do. 

Creating the list should put you in an excited state of mind, which is excellent for manifesting.  What you want to do when the list is finished, as you will probably be exhausted by then, is to place it somewhere that you will see it every day.  Hang it in your bathroom, or bedroom, or somewhere that you will be able to stop and look it over every day.  You don’t need to read your entire list every day!  Certain items will jump out at you as the most attractive, and what you should do then is to highlight those items.

Now each day when you pass your list, stop for a moment and read over the highlighted items.  Imagine the feeling you will have when you obtain that item.  Feel your excitement and happiness.  Then continue with your day.  By placing a little more energy into your intent day after day, you will find that several of your highlighted items will manifest quickly.  When something on your intention list manifests, merely put a nice big checkmark by it and highlight another item that you want. 

Little by little, you will find that the items on your list are manifesting in your life, and week by week your unchecked highlighted items will be changing.  The more this occurs, the more you will believe in the process, and the faster other items will manifest.  You will quickly find that an intention list will be something you always want to keep around.  They are fun to write, fun to read, and most importantly, that fun translates into emotion which translates into energy which translates into manifestation! 

When you have completely finished one list, tuck it away somewhere safe.  One day you may enjoy looking back through past lists and seeing just how much success you’ve had with the Law of Attraction.  If that doesn’t appeal to you, I advise you to take a more pagan route – destroy the past list in order to free up the energy it contains.  You may burn the paper, flush it (piece by piece!) or bury it in the earth, anything to release it back into the universe as a completed desire.  Whichever way you choose to treat your old lists, I think the emphasis is on recognizing that you have successfully manifested your desires and that you may now use your energy to manifest new ones. 

Happy manifesting!

Affirmations on Steroids

Most of you reading this article have probably heard of positive affirmations, and many of you have probably used them. For those of you who have used I am betting the results were at best rather mixed.

Yes affirmation do work if repeated often enough and for long enough but they’re really not that powerful.

Affirmation can work and do work give enough time but there are the horse and cart of the positive thinking world and I would like to introduce you to formula one.

The problem with affirmations is they are only statement and until your mind accepts them as statement of fact they have very little power. Now while it’s that if you repeat almost anything with emotion often enough you will eventually belief it. There is however a much more powerful method.

Questions, positive affirmative questions to be precise. The difference between statement and questions is profound. Using positive affirmative statement (P.A.S) you are simply trying to convince yourself that something is true, when more often than not it’s not. By using positive affirmative questions you are telling your brain to focus on the solution and reprogramming it to seek and belief in the positive.

Here’s some examples:


I feel good

I feel good about myself


How can I feel good about myself?

Why do I feel good myself


I like myself

I like myself just the way I am


What do I like about myself?

What can I change about myself so I like myself more?


I am successful

I am successful just the way I am


Why am I successful

What can I do to make myself more successful?

I hope you can see the difference between the two. Let’s look at some of the differences in detail.

Saying I feel good or I feel good about me can be effective if there’s some truth in the statement. If you already feel good or at least okay the positive statements will reinforce and heighten the good feeling.

If your feeling bad or depressed you will struggle to change your mood simply by repeating I feel good, because you trying to convince your mind  of something it knows is not true. Have you ever tried to change someone’s beliefs just by repeatedly stating the opposite it’s hard work.

The P.A.Q.s are much more powerful when you ask yourself  "how can I feel good about myself" your not trying to convince yourself of something you know is not true. Instead you’re asking your mind to look for the positive this will quickly change your focus and is the quickest to change your feeling from bad to good.

The very P.A.Q. "why do I feel good about myself" is especially powerful because not only is it a question programming your mind to seek out reason to feel good but also contains the positive statement I feel good myself.

Another P.A.S. from above is "I am successful just the way I am" The dangerous thing about this is you might actually success in making yourself belief it. Once you belief in such a statement your stuck because it takes away your motivation and drive. If you are convinced your successful just the way you are you have no reason to better yourself and move forward.

The P.A.Q. "What can I do to make myself more successful" Does the exact opposite. Firstly by the clever use of the word more it’s telling your mind that you are already a success then it’s programming your mind to focus on using it’s enormous power to find and use ways to become even more successful.

This is a very powerful affirmation while the first is at best a weak substitute and at worse a somewhat negative statement.

I hope you can see the difference between statements questions when it comes to affirmations and if you try the former I hope you give the power of question a try.

Ask yourself "What powerful questions can I ask myself today to change my life for the better?"

Healing With the Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is the powerful law that states that whatever thoughts you hold in your mind will become manifest in the physical world.  It takes emotion to make thoughts manifest, and emotions can also work as a guidance system for your manifestation efforts.  Learning to heal with the Law of Attraction is not as difficult as you may think.  In a lot of ways, it’s not much different than your basic prayer.

Using the Law of Attraction, you can help friends, family members, strangers, or even yourself overcome illnesses and disease.  Start by using visualization to picture the person in question in tip top health.  Feel the happiness, peace and warmth of the person (even if it’s you) due to their healthiness.  The person is happy and serene, and this feeling should permeate your visualization.  Think health, feel happiness, and allow healing.

Take a little time out of each day to project this image to the universe.  Do it for a moment in the morning.  Do it for a moment at lunch.  Do it for a moment in the afternoon, and work on it again after dinner.  Project a healthy image of the sick person as you drift off to sleep.  Do not engage in worrying over their state.  Do not engage in fear about their health.  To whatever extent possible, distance yourself from the current reality going on with their health and invest your energy and thoughts into the intent of their wellness.

In many situations that can be difficult to do, especially with family members or people who are close to you.  Obviously don’t undercut their difficulties when they are with you, but remain positive and confident that they will heal.  Allow them to feel this emanating from you.  On a subconscious level, this will help them to begin to believe in their own healthiness as well.  Meanwhile the universe will be working with you to make this healing a reality.

Finally, there are some cases in which a person is ready to pass from this life into the next.  Illness is an easy way to do this.  There will be some cases where your healing efforts may not seem to help at all.  There may even be cases where the person in question will pass.  This is not your fault.  If someone is ready to go, and it is their time, they will pass.  This, in itself, is a healing for that person.  In many cases however, you will actually watch the person begin to improve, until one day they may be healthy as can be.