Creating a Private Space for Manifesting

It can be difficult to find the time and place for daily visualization.  Between your job, your friends, your partner, and your kids (or any applicable combo thereof) you may find that you don’t have the time (or perhaps just the private space) to conduct Law of Attraction visualizations.  Perhaps there are some times/places you haven’t thought about, though.

1) The Bath/Shower – this is an excellent time to work on your manifestations.  Think about the bath or shower.  One common cliché is that people sing in the shower.  Why, instead of singing, couldn’t you visualize?  Water is very powerful and contains wonderful healing energy.  This energy also can assist you in your visualization process.  By cleansing your energy as you are visualizing, your intent will be clearer and more powerful.  Plus, most of us aren’t bothered too often when taking our morning bath.

2) Your Lunch Break – sure, it’s nice to eat out a time or two each week, but you can easily turn 20 minutes of your lunch break into a great visualization session.  Find somewhere that you won’t be bugged.  This could even be outside as you walk laps around your building.  Use this time twice a week to visualize your desires.

3) Your Smoke Break – I know, these are often social events.  However, think about how many times each day you smoke (this of course is only for smokers).  Could you not cut one smoke break away from everyone else?  Non smokers at work, could you not cut a 15 minute break for yourself as well?

4) Bedtime – Often the quietest time of day for a parent is the small window of time between the children going to bed and the parents going to bed.  Perhaps there is a window in here for you to visualize?  Or perhaps you could do it as you lay down, after you’ve told your spouse good night.  There are no rules against visualizing with your eyes closed, you know…

The point here is that there are many small time slots throughout the day where you can slide a 10-15 minute visualization session in without being distracted.  Sometimes we need to stop and really think about when we are going to work on manifesting our desires.  If you never cut out time to work on your desires, how will you see them met?  Remember, your desires being fulfilled will not only be a blessing to you, but also to everyone you care about.  So for their sake as much as your own, find a time, mark it off, and enjoy the fun of visualizing!

When You’re Having Trouble Visualizing…

Sometimes, when learning to visualize, you may experience difficulties.  There are many reasons for this, none of which (I guarantee you) are that you just can’t visualize well.  Visualization is a skill that all humans possess and have perfected before even learning to talk.  Here are some helpful hints to think about.

First of all, most of us visualize externally.  We visualize with our eyes open all the time.  Think about the last time someone asked you a question.  You had to access the answer in your mind.  Depending upon the question, you most likely shifted your eyes up and to the left, or just up, or possibly even to the right.  Are you aware that you’re doing that?  Are you aware that everyone in the world is?

We humans visualize almost everything we think about.  A person with a photographic memory is merely someone who is able to visualize a clearer picture.  There are some tricks you can learn to help you to sharpen your picture and make visualizing a snap.

First off, because most visualization occurs externally, you must become consciously aware that the limits of the room are not the limits of your mind.  If you are making a large mental picture and you are in a small room, you may simply feel you can not visualize.  In fact, you only need to become aware of the fact that you are boxing your visualization into spacial reality, when this is not necessary for mental pictures.  You can visualize right through the wall, but so many of us don’t.

Secondly, you can zoom your mental pictures in and out.  If they are too close, zoom out.  If too far, zoom in.  You can pull them closer to you and push them away.  You can make them larger or make them smaller.  You can turn up the brightness or make the picture darker.  You have control over all of these things, and you didn’t even know it!  Why didn’t they teach you this in school?

As you play with learning to get your mental pictures and mental movies set up the way you like, you will find even more cool things.  Mental pictures of something you belief or know firmly may appear on one side, and pictures of things you are unsure about may appear on another.  What happens if you take something you are unsure about and move that picture to the “sure” area?  What happens if you take a limiting belief and move it to the “unsure” area?  These are powerful maneuvers that drastically affect consciousness and thought patterns.  You can literally repattern your thoughts overnight with these techniques.

Try playing around with these.  If you have trouble visualizing in a small room and can’t seem to break the spacial bounds, move to a larger room.  If you can’t see the mental picture well, make it bigger and brighter.  In NLP these are called submodalities, and they are incredibly useful in conjunction with the Law of Attraction.  You should now have all the tools you need to have success with visualization.  Happy daydreaming!

You Are What You Think

You’re probably familiar with the old saying, “you are what you eat”.  Today I’m here to tell you, you are what you think!  There are several modes of thought.  There is concentrated thought, where you stop for a minute and work on a problem, actively seeking a solution or understanding.  There is unconcentrated thought, which you do during the day when you are also engaged in other things.  You generally don’t recall much of that thinking, it’s just background chatter.  There is transmitted thought, where you are thinking loudly enough for others to perceive.  You may notice this when someone starts singing a song out loud that you were singing in your head.  And there is receptive thought, where you are actually receiving thoughts broadcast by another.  Some psychics are able to tune into this at will.  You do it too, but don’t realize it.

So with all these modes of thought and almost constant thinking going on during your daily life, you naturally will fall into patterns of thought.  This happens unconsciously and changes from time to time.  For some of us, once patterns are set they are difficult to change.  Others find that any new pattern is easy to lock onto.  These patterns may occur because of something that happened, is happening, or is about to happen.  If you meet someone fantastic you may shift from a more negative pattern of thought quickly to a positive pattern of thought.  If things start going wrong you may shift from positive thought patterns into negative thought patterns.

These patterns of thought are what we are most concerned with.  Our thoughts are what generate our feelings.  Stop for a moment and think back to the last time you had a loved one die.  If you focus on that for a moment, you will begin to feel sad.  You became sad because of thought.  Think forward to something you can’t wait to happen.  This should make you become excited.  You became excited because of thought.  The Law of Attraction works by way of energy.  Like attracts like.  When you are emanating a positive, happy energy, like circumstances and people are drawn to you.  Likewise, when you are emanating a negative, unhappy energy, like circumstances and people will come your way.  The energy you give off is mostly emotion, which is far more powerful in an energy sense than thought alone.
This is why it is so important to develop a positive pattern of thought.  You will never control 100% of your thoughts!  But that doesn’t matter, because only the overriding pattern is important.  If your primary pattern is positive, your normal emotions will be positive, and these will be constantly broadcasting a powerful positive signal to magnetize positive circumstances in your life.  Because of this, you are, in fact, what you think!

Begin by noting any negative emotions in your daily life.  What caused them?  What were you thinking about?  Take a moment and change your thinking to try and bring your emotions back up.  After a few days of this, note whether positive or negative emotions seem to be more common for you.  If positive, good work!  Just keep on working at improving your positive patterns of thought.  If negative, then begin working harder to keep your thoughts more positive.  When things come about in your daily life that bring you down, try to let them roll off your back.  Step back and look at the big picture of your life.  If there is trouble at work, remember that work is not your life.  If there is trouble at home, remember that you love your family and things are usually better.

By changing your patterns of thought you will change your life.  Literally!  You are what you think, so if you’re not happy, think better thoughts.  Happy thinking!

Shooting Yourself in the Foot?

Ever had this happen?

Your current job is in tatters, with people being laid off left and right. You’re still there, but hanging on by your fingernails.

You’ve always been something of a perfectionist, but now you’re suddenly making super DUMB mistakes, like spilling coffee on your boss, or chronically being late to work.

What the heck is that anyway?

I’ll tell you what it is.

It’s a perfect example of how the Universe works (or rather DOESN’T work!) when you’re locked in combat trying to FORCE something your way or focused on the WRONG things.

Believe me, there is a much faster, saner, and more effective solution to this, that will effortlessly attract the RIGHT things into your life, over and over again…

Like this, for example.

The thing is, you can’t always avoid the slings and arrows of life, but you CAN turn things around no matter what else is going on.

I don’t think anything works as quickly or almost as magically as visualization.

And when it comes to visualization, this is the most simple way to do it.

I have been using these videos for several months now and here is what happens…

  • Your focus automatically shifts to all the wonderful and positive things you want in your life.
  • Instead of worrying about what might happen, you celebrate what DOES happen—because it’s exactly what you want!
  • You become even more energized from it—and feel like the weight of the world is lifting off your shoulders.
  • Your life just seems to get better and better, as you achieve your goals.

I’ve been richly blessed in my life and business. But with this? It takes EVERYTHING to a higher level—from personal relationships, to health, to financial prosperity.

GET this—DO this—And see what happens!

How to Accelerate the Law of Attraction – Part 2

This is Part 2 (Part 1 is here) of our interview with author and Law of Attraction expert, Denise Coates.

this interview Denise talks about how to accelerate the Law of
Attraction using visualization.  She’ll teach you techniques on how to
visualize what you want in a way which will “trick” your mind into
thinking you already have those things.

This interview isn’t
theory and actually gives you the exact tools you need to manifest your
dreams. Denise will give you techniques you can use in your life right

Listen to the interview below…

Download the interview here.

How to Accelerate the Law of Attraction: Interview with Denise Coates

This interview features author and Law of Attraction expert, Denise Coates.

In this interview Denise talks about how to accelerate the Law of Attraction using visualization.  She’ll teach you techniques on how to visualize what you want in a way which will “trick” your mind into thinking you already have those things.

This interview isn’t theory and actually gives you the exact tools you need to manifest your dreams. Denise will give you techniques you can use in your life right now.

Listen to the interview below…

Download the interview here.

NOTE: This is Part 1 of 2. Listen to Part 2 here.

Empowering Your Visualizations With Meditation

Did you know that you could have far more success with the Law of Attraction if you learned just a little bit about meditation?  Would it be worth it to you to find yourself becoming more and more successful with your manifestation efforts?  All you need is a small amount of time each day for a week or two, and you can learn to meditate.  When visualizing from a meditative state, you will get vastly greater results.

First of all, this simple meditation I am describing is little more than learning to consciously enter a light trance.  In a light trance, your brainwaves slow down to alpha levels, your body slows down a bit and relaxes greatly, and your conscious and subconscious minds merge ever so slightly more so than in your normal waking state.  Being in this state will allow you to have more success with the Law of Attraction than you may be used to.  So beware, learning to visualize from a state of trance might just change your life for the better!

In fact, it has been proven that many creative people move into an alpha state when they are being creative, be that by writing, playing music, painting, etc.  Getting into an alpha state is not difficult.  It’s something that happens to you many times each day.  Whenever you “zone out” or “get into the zone” or were “entirely focused on what you were doing”, you were most likely in an alpha state.  The trick is to learn to move voluntarily into that state and to use it in a productive manner.

The cool thing about altered states is that once you learn to go into them and practice a little, you will be able to put yourself into them almost immediately.  Begin by relaxing your body, part by part, for about 10 minutes.  Relax your toes, relax your feet, relax your legs.  Relax your stomach, relax your chest, relax your neck.  Relax your upper arms, lower arms, and hands.  Relax your facial muscles.  Feel yourself becoming more and more relaxed.

At a certain point in relaxation, you will feel a very subtle shift as your body and mind slow down.  You will feel very pleasant, and very relaxed.  This is the alpha state.  You can reach this state with eyes open or shut, but you may want to practice with your eyes shut so that your senses’ ability to distract you is minimized. 

Practice entering this state for a few days, and before long you will find yourself able to move into it at will.  When you are in this state, many activities will be enhanced.  Creative activities, like art or music or writing, are greatly stimulated in this state.  More important to us right now though, visualization for manifestation is enhanced.  By using the alpha state, your manifestation efforts will yield fruit more rapidly than when you attempt to visualize in your usual, hectic waking state of mind.  Give it a try and log your results.  You will find that the difference is enormous!