Generosity and Law of Attraction

One good way to use the Law of Attraction to bring more money into your life is by making a regular habit to give to others.  You can certainly donate money to worthwhile charities, but also think about creative ways to contribute to society as a whole.  Whether you’re helping an elderly neighbor with strenuous tasks or volunteering as a mentor for children, you are putting out positive vibrations that will be mirrored in your own life.

There are three important considerations to keep in mind if you want to create a natural flow of abundance through generosity:

•    Give only what you can afford to give.  Many people make the mistake of thinking that by giving more they’ll receive more back, but such a tactic rarely works.  Going on a “giving binge” will deplete your own existing resources and set you up for feelings of anxiety and fear if you don’t see a return right away.  You then reverse any positive trends you started by giving!  Instead of giving more than you have try expanding your perception of how much is needed to make a positive contribution.  If you can only afford to give one dollar, or 30 minutes of your time every week, then do that.  Imagine the ways your contributions are helping others, and allow yourself to feel good about it.  Affirm that when you have more you will definitely give more. 

•    Be discerning about when and what you give.  As important as many causes are, there are far too many for you to be able to help all of them.  Instead, make a list of a few that are very important to you.  Or create a longer list and rotate them every so often.  Even better, ask the universe to guide you to opportunities to help where it is most needed.  When you feel a strong inner urge to help a particular person, family or organization – listen to that urge!  Your intuition will not steer you wrong, and you may end up discovering a great opportunity to serve.  Giving in this way can be immensely more powerful than taking a random approach.

•    Let go of ALL thoughts about receiving compensation.  Doing something with an expectation of what you’ll receive in return will not usually work the way you intend.  Instead, make a strong intention to give to others simply because it feels wonderful to do so.  Let each activity be its own reward by choosing to focus ONLY on what you can do for others.  The more you can adopt a completely selfless mind-set when giving to others, the more surprising and unexpected – and powerful – your results will be when you do receive something back from the universe.

Whatever you do, don’t worry about how long it might take to start seeing a return, and release any expectations of how a return comes to you.  Just because you give money doesn’t mean you will receive money back.  Be open to all kinds of blessings, even those that might show up in disguises. 

How Haggling Creates an Energy Imbalance

If you’ve ever bargained for a better deal when visiting a flea market, garage sale, or even a car dealership – you have engaged in “haggling.”  You may be surprised to learn the effect this practice has on the way the Law of Attraction works in your life.

Haggling is the process of entering into a negotiation about the price that will be paid for any product or service.  It is a common practice in both personal and business endeavors, and there is nothing inherently wrong with such a practice – except when you inadvertently create an energy imbalance by doing do.

When you think about the way the Law of Attraction works in your life, you understand that intention is everything.  The thoughts, feelings, and intentions you hold when engaging in any activity usually determine the quality of outcome you experience.

In the context of haggling, your intention will determine whether you use the Law of Attraction in a way that benefits both parties, or creates an imbalance of energy.  When you purchase something, receive something, give something, or sell something, you are creating an exchange of energy with another person or business entity.  If the quality or quantity of energy exchanged is not fairly equal, an imbalance will be created.

That might not seem like a big deal, but remember that the universe seeks balance in all things.  If you have an imbalanced transaction, the universe will seek balance in another area – likely one you least expect!

Let’s use an example to demonstrate this energy exchange:

Imagine that you are browsing through a garage sale or flea market, and you come across an item you want to buy.  The price tag reads $20.00, but you decide to see if you can get it for less.  Before you enter into negotiations with the seller, consider your intentions carefully.

If you attempt to gain greater value than you are giving to the seller of the item, you will create an energy imbalance.  You are in effect trying to pay less than you believe an object is worth, which will detract from the energy you exchange with the seller.

The universe, in its infinite wisdom, will then seek to create balance again.  There are many ways this can happen, such as: you might lose money on another transaction, or the item you purchased might even get stolen or break unexpectedly.

Does this mean that haggling is always a bad thing?  Not at all!  Haggling takes a very beneficial turn if you feel that an item is overpriced and you want to bring the price back into alignment with the value it contains.  In that case, haggling is an effective way to CREATE more balance in the energy exchange.

It all comes down to your intention in every transaction.  If you try to cheat others by taking more than you give, you will ultimately find yourself losing more than you gain.  If you instead strive to create fair transactions for all parties, you will create a beneficial flow of energy that helps you AND those you deal with.

Ask, Re-ask, Repeat

Some wonder how many times they should ask the universe for the things they would like it to bring to them using the Law of Attraction. 

While you really only need to ask a question once, it is not always a bad thing to ask again.

If you are clear and specific on what you want the first time you ask, chances are the wheels are already turning to bring that to you. How clear were you?  Did you have a complete image in your mind of what you want and what it would look like if it came to pass? Did you know what you would kind-of like to see happen, and asked for that, not knowing what your life would look like when it was manifested?

If you have not clearly defined in your mind or in your question what you want and the impact you want it to have on your life, asking again could help create a clearer image of your desires. 

Asking again will also help to solidify your belief in the universe.  If you are asking the universe for things, but are in the back of your mind wondering if it will work, you are not sending the most positive energy out to work for you.  However, if you regularly re-ask the universe for what you want, and clearly picture the results and their impact in your life, you will be strengthening the energy you send out.  The more you are able to picture your request coming to be, and it’s effect on your life, the more energy you are giving the universe to make it happen.

Some requests may take a long time to come to fruition, and during that time, your course may have changed.  What you thought you needed months ago may not be exactly what you need today. You can use re-asking to fine tune what you need from the universe and give a clearer image of what you would like on your path to prosperity.

In some respects, using the Law of Attraction can be compared to the squeaky wheel.  The more you ask, and the more clearly you ask for something, the better your chances of getting just what you want from the universe in return.

Surrounded by Negativity

Have you ever considered the amount of negativity that is swirling around you every day? It’s almost like a proverbial swarm of mosquitoes. 

If you open the newspaper, almost every article will be the negative view of a topic; the same is true to turning on the television news.

Even if you try to watch regular TV, the days of positive shows have all but been wiped out by the most dramatic and evil depictions of society.

Next consider the people you encounter in your day-to-day activities.  At the store, chances are you will encounter a handful of impatient people who are angry that everything in the world is not going their way. People will get worked up and complain about everything from a bus that is running a minute late, to the flavor of the day’s coffee.

Sometimes it seems we are in a society full of negative and angry people, and all of that negative energy is surrounding you.  The trick is to keep it from dampening your positive energy.

So, you are on a one-person mission – to keep your positive mentality intact. This can feel much like a war that you are fighting alone.  Everyone and everything you encounter are throwing weapons of mass negativity at you, and you have to find out where they are coming from, and dodge them or diffuse them before they can affect you.

While it may seem impossible, it can be done. 

First, remember that you, and only you, are looking out for your positive mental situation.  If you can’t keep positive mental energy going, you cannot gain the prosperity you seek by using the Law of Attraction.  It’s quite the opposite. The more negative energy you start to let in, the more negative energy you will put out.  That will result negative energy coming to you from the universe.

Any time you feel that there is almost too much negative energy coming at you to handle, spend that much more time on strengthening your positive defenses, that could be in the foundation of more affirmation, the construction of a treasure map, wearing headsets to avoid listening to the negative people around you, or using more denials to remove the negative influences from you life.

Update your Treasure Map

Just like a street map as new construction is done, your treasure map also needs to be updated over time as you construct new pieces of your path to prosperity.

Once you have created a treasure map for your goals, you cannot just put it aside and expect it to progress through life with you.

When we create goals and plans for our lives, as we move forward and have new experiences, our views of the future and what we want from it will change.  It is important to make sure your treasure mapping project is also changed accordingly or the path you want for prosperity and the one you end up on may be different as new roads have been formed and old ones have been closed off.

Remember, a treasure map is your way to take your goals and requests to the universe and make them visual, and tangible, in something you can hold in your hands and look at every day.  But if you don’t change it as your plans change, you are sending mixed signals to the universe. 

Consider your treasure map like a project map that is given out to a work team.  If management has decided on a change in the final project, but never changed the project map, they are not going to get what they are hoping for, and will disappointed that the end result is not quite what they expected it would be during the evolution of the project scope.

Your work team is the universe. As you use the Law of attraction to ask the universe to bring goals and prosperity to you, the clearest image you can give is the best way to get exactly what you want.  Therefore, make sure the image your treasure map is creating, and any changes you have made in your goals, match.

At least once a week look closely at your treasure map. Do all the pictures in it still accurately represent what you want your goal to look like when it comes to fruition? If not, pluck the less than perfect pictures off the board, and replace them with new ones that show your future the way you want it to be.

Appreciate what the Universe is giving you

The first time you use the Law of Attraction successfully and realize the universe has brought what you have asked for, you will likely be very pleased and thankful for the gift.  Even if it is something simple, you will feel excitement and joy that the request you have made has been received.  But over time, many forget to notice the gifts. They may see the large gifts, but they quit noticing the smaller presents from the universe and overlook them, taking them for granted. Eventually, they may even begin to start to expect things from the universe and forgetting to be thankful.

This lack of gratitude will eventually backfire, breed negativity, and bring negativity into your life.  This is where a Journal of Thanks can come into play to stop that trend before it starts.

A Journal of Thanks is just what it sounds like – a journal where you can give thanks for the things you have, and the things that are coming to you. 

At least once a day you should write in the journal, discussing your appreciation for the positive things in your life, and your thankfulness to the universe for bringing these things to you. For things you have asked for, but not yet received, thank the universe for the work it is going through to bring these things to you.

Also, you can use your Journal of Thanks to write down the things that you have asked the universe for, and and read over the list every day. Recommitting these items to the universe will strengthen your request, and strengthen the Law of Attraction in bringing these things to you.  The more energy you put into the things for which you ask, the more energy the universe will put into bringing these things to you.

Notice which of the things you have written in your Journal of Thanks have come to fruition, and again thank the universe for your blessings. 

Remember, what you put into the Law of Attraction, is what you shall reep.  The more positive energy you put into your requests, and the more appreciation you have for the things that are coming, the more you shall receive.

Treasure Mapping

If you are having a little difficulty visualizing your new life of prosperity, you may need to do some treasure mapping.

If you have not heard of treasure mapping, you may now be picturing something relating to pirates and lost treasure.  That’s not quite it, but it is a way to reach your ultimate treasure – goal realization.

Treasure mapping is taking your goals and making them come to life in front of you. By putting them in living color, your mind and psyche are more readily capable of accepting them and making them part of your created reality.  The picture created in your mind is real according to your subconscious. And bridging the gap from the created reality to the real thing is just a small step.

For goal treasure mapping you are going to need a poster-board.  If you have just one main goal, write that somewhere on the board. If you have a few goals you are trying to reach simultaneously, you can use a marker to divide the board into the appropriate number of sections. Then write each goal in its section. If you have an affirmation of the goal you are seeking, you can write this in the area as well.

Now you need to cut out pictures, words, articles and other things that you find in newspapers, magazines or other sources to create a visual image that makes you feel like you have reached your goal.  When appropriate you should put yourself in the treasure map.  Take pictures of yourself, and put your face in the midst of the good feelings that you would have upon reaching your goal.

For example, if one of your goals is to be able to afford the vacation you have always wanted, find pictures of the places you want to see, there may also be pictures that show you have acquired the money to get there, and you could put your face on a happy person enjoying their time, such as on a body that is in a lounge chair at the beach watching a tropical sunset.

Make sure to look at your treasure mapping project every day. The more you can visualize your goals and clearly see them, the sooner you will see them manifest in real life.

Goal Setting For the New Year

It happens every January.  New Year’s goal setting, otherwise knows as New Year’s resolutions.  It seems that most of us experience a burst of creative energy right after the holidays and begin to set lofty goals for ourselves.  We resolve to lose ten pounds, change jobs, or completely change our lives. 

What’s wrong with us?  Do we have some kind of weird masochistic tendencies that lies hidden in our DNA all year long until January comes around?  We must.  It’s a sad fact that New Year’s resolutions are usually short-lived if not completely forgotten by February.  Are we doomed to and endless circle of goal setting and failure?

Can we really make goal setting for the New Year successful?  Can we break the chain of miserable failure?  Yes, the good news is that we can be successful with our New Year goal setting.  We can succeed if we follow a few simple steps.

In goal setting, the first thing you must do is pick goals that are believable and achievable for you.  They have to be the right goals for the right reasons.  If you don’t believe that you can achieve them, then you are doomed from the start.  For example, if your goal is to lose 10 pounds this year and you don’t believe you can do it, then you have set yourself up for failure.

Effective goal setting has to include thought and deliberation.  Think long and hard about what you want to accomplish.  Decide that the goal you have chosen has meaning for you and you are willing to commit to achieving it. 

Make your goals achievable but not so low that they lose meaning for you.  On the other hand, don’t set them so high that you become discouraged.  This is a tricky area of goal setting.  The solution is to break your goals down into smaller chunks that you can reach.  For example, if you goal is to lose 10 pounds, then set a reachable goal of one or two pounds a week.  This will help keep you motivated.

Another strategy for goal setting is to be specific.  Set a date that you want to achieve a specific goal and then work backward, breaking it down in to smaller chunks.  If your New Year’s goal is to "lose weight," then you’re beaten before you start.  It is more effective to decide that you want to lose ten pounds by March 1st.  Stating it this way makes the goal concrete and believable to you.  You are much more likely to achieve a specific goal with a time frame than a vaguely stated goal.

Write your goals down and post them, so that you see them often.  This reinforces your goal setting.  You might try standing in front of a mirror and saying your goals out loud every day.  This also makes your goals a formal commitment.  Don’t give up.  Goal setting can help us make positive changes in our lives if we follow a few simple rules.