Do You Deserve Prosperity?

While you may immediately answer yes to this question, your verbal answer is not your whole being answer.  Somewhere inside, is part of you reluctant to answer, or not quite sure? You know you want prosperity, and would like a life of prosperity, but when it comes down to it, do you question whether or not you really deserve it?

Even if this unsure side of you is never spoken, it is affecting your attempts to gain prosperity.  When you ask the universe to bring you abundance, but inside really don’t think you deserve it, the universe knows. It can see your deepest and darkest thoughts.

So you need to let your mind and the universe know that you deserve to have money in abundance.

Start treating yourself like you’re worth a million dollars.

Do you have a special, expensive, bottle of cologne that is only supposed to be for special occasions?  You may use it a few times a year when something important is happening, but then put it on the back of the shelf to save it.  Stop saving it. You are worth that expensive cologne every day.  Use it regularly, and as you do think, “I am worth all the most luxurious and special things in the world, and I deserve to experience these things every day.”

Are you a wine connoisseur, but only buy what is on sale when it comes to something for you to drink at home.  Yet, when you have guests coming, you splurge on them.  That is the exact opposite message you should be sending yourself.  By doing that you are saying everyone else is worth more than you are.  Change that image!  Buy those great bottles of wine for yourself.  When you open the bottle savor the scent, watch it pour into the glass and swirl it around as you would if you were testing a wine at a top restaurant.  As you taste it, tell yourself, “I deserve the richest things life has to offer.”

You must treat yourself like this regularly, remembering that you deserve the good life.  It may feel awkward at first, and you may have some guilt using all these special occasion items, but eventually your being will start to feel comfortable with these riches. You will realize it is all right for you to have abundance. Once you make that realization, you have opened the door for abundance to come to you.

Money and Emotions

When working with the Law of Attraction to increase your financial abundance, you may become keenly aware of the ways your emotions are tied in with money.

Emotion has the power to drastically benefit your ability to attract more money, but it also has the power to effectively block your ability to do so.  Remember that your emotions are what determine the power or focus of the vibrations you emit to the universe.  If you focus your emotions in the right way, you will boost your ability to attract more money, but if you hold powerful emotions on the wrong end of the spectrum, it will block the abundance you wish to attract.

To understand how this works, we have to look at two main considerations when it comes to money and emotions:

•    Emotional states that resist or block abundance.  These states are: fear, desperate need, anger, powerlessness or uncertainty.  If you desire more money but worry about your ability to handle it, you will resist it.  If you desperately need more money because of a severe state of lack, your very dependence upon it will push it away.  Believing that money will solve all of your problems is also a sure way to block it because you are placing an excessive amount of importance on money, when it’s not about the money at all.  Granted, money can make your life easier, but if your life is a mess besides not having enough money, it will still be a mess when you do have more money!

•    Emotional states that attract abundance.  On the opposite end of the spectrum are emotions that actually call forth greater abundance into your life.  They are:  optimism, gratitude, joy, passion, appreciation and hopefulness.  The first order of business in attracting more money is to first become grateful for what you already have.  Learn to appreciate the good things in your life, even if not everything is perfect.  When something good happens to you, take a few moments to reflect on it and be grateful for it.  At the same time, learn to embrace an optimistic view of the future.  Expect good things, and you will begin to attract them.  Expect plenty of opportunities to grow and develop as a person, opportunities to advance your career, and opportunities to attract more money.

As you shift your focus to lighter emotions like this, you begin to change the signal you send out to the universe.  When you combine this signal with focused action steps, you will notice a definite improvement in the tangible abundance you experience in your daily life.

It’s important to note that it may take time to see results, especially if you’ve been focusing more on those negative emotions for any length of time.  The tricky part is being able to focus on the positive emotions even if your circumstances aren’t the way you wish them to be . . . yet!  That “yet” is important, because you have to be willing to believe that things WILL change, even if they haven’t already.  However, keep at it and watch how your life transforms before your eyes.

Affirmations and Prosperity Consciousness

Affirmations are a great tool to help you build your prosperity consciousness because they keep your mind focused on abundance rather than lack.

However, it’s important that your affirmations are worded in such a way as to make them believable.  They must be believable because if you don’t believe what you’re saying, your affirmations will be completely ineffective.

In addition, affirmations should be worded in present tense, not future tense.  If they place the benefits in some obscure future timeframe, you won’t feel a benefit from saying them NOW.

One good way to meet both of these requirements is to write your affirmations in such a way that they focus on a PROCESS rather than an end result.  Instead of saying, “I have a lot of money,” you could say, “My financial situation is getting better by the day.”  The latter is easier to believe than the former, especially if you don’t yet have a lot of money.

There are two types of affirmations you will want to use to increase your prosperity consciousness:  those that focus on changing unsatisfactory circumstances, and those that affirm better circumstances.

Start by making a list of the things you’re unhappy with in your life right now.  If you feel strapped financially, write it down.  If you feel empty spiritually, write that down.  Keep going until you can’t think of anything else you are unhappy with.  Then write a statement for each scenario and affirm that it is getting better.

Do the same thing with situations you want to create or expand in your life.  If you’ve experienced some success with your career but would like to expand upon it, write that down.  Same with your relationships, health, or whatever else you want to increase.  Then write statements for each of those situations.

Here are some sample affirmations you can use:

•    I effortlessly attract abundance wherever I go.
•    Every day my financial situation is improving.
•    I trust in my ability to bring forth better circumstances.
•    My inner guidance leads me to lucrative opportunities.
•    I honor my natural talents and use them as often as possible.
•    As I learn to love and respect myself, others do also.
•    I have what it takes to create an amazing, passionate life.
•    I am eager to take advantage of the many opportunities that come my way.
•    I am open to receiving all the abundance and blessings I deserve.
•    I am grateful for the limitless abundance I have right in my life right now.

The biggest challenge is remembering to say your affirmations daily, and especially when you find yourself focusing on lack!  You may find it helpful to write or print your affirmations on index cards and post them where you will see them frequently.  Place them on your desk at work, in your car, and in the place where you pay your bills.

With enough repetition, you will find it gets easier and easier to keep up with your affirmations and build your prosperity consciousness so big and strong that it becomes a permanent part of you.

Four secrets every winner knows.

1. Winners know they must overcome the short term mind set.

Winner know that in order to succeed in any field of Endeavour  it’s essential to overcome the short term mind  set and focus on the long term benefits.

Winners don’t give into the pursuit of short term pleasure to the detriment of their long term goals. Also winners don’t try to avoid actions or tasks that involve short term pain or effort, but are crucial to their long term success.

Would be athletes  must be willing to endure the short term pain of intensive training and give up the short term pleasure of spending time with their mates if they are to have a good chance at succeeding

Dieters must forego the short term pleasure of cream cakes and embrace the pain of regular exercise if they want to reach their goal weights.

What ever you want to achieve in life you must learn overcome the short term mindset by focusing intensely on the long term benefits.

2. Winner set goals

Winner know you have to set goals and targets to give yourself direction and focus, they know they must have  both major life shaping goals to give a destination  and short term goals to act as stepping stones.

Winners know that their major long term goals must be in place first and then their short term goals must be added as stepping stones needed to reach their final destinations. There’s little point in setting short term goals if you don’t know your final destination.

Winner know that if at any point they decide they have miscalculated or circumstances have changed and they would be happier with a different destination , they can change directions. They also know if you don’t a have goal or destination you won’t even know when you following the wrong path.

3. Winner know you must have a plan.

No architect worth his salt would ever attempt to build any sort of building without a detailed plan not even a shed or a dog kennel. So why do so many people go though life with no sort of plan.

Ever winner has followed a plan a set of instructions and sub goals all leading to the ultimate fulfillment of their major lifetime goals.  Ever winner researches his chosen field be it a business or a sport and gets all the facts, insider information, tip and techniques he needs.

Every winner learns the key skills they will require to implement their plan, every winner also knows that at times he will need a helping hand and cultivates a network of experts in his field.

Ever winner is however aware that they are the architect of their plans and they can redraw them if necessary adding and removing rooms to meet changing circumstances.

Every winner know that there’s a time to stop planning and setting goals and start taking action. Without being reckless and after testing the waters, every winner has been willing to commit themselves to massive action in order to reach his goals.

4. Winners aren’t quitters but they aren’t stubborn fools either

Winners aren’t quitters they don’t fold at the first obstacle and most winners have failed many times on the road to success. Winners just dust themselves off and have another go or try a different tack. They know persistence has its rewards.

Winners aren’t quitters but there’re not stubborn fools either. If they run into a brick wall they don’t turn around and go home. Nor do they keep banging their head against the wall trying to break though, no they will give that wall 1 or 2 good bangs, because sometime a very solid looking wall crumbles to dust under a little pressure. If the wall stays standing they still won’t quit they will try to find a way over, dig there way under or simply look for a door.

Winners don’t quit but they don’t stubbornly repeat the same nonproductive actions over and over again.

The power of focus.

To get thing done in life we must learn to focus. Focusing on the task at hand increases productivity and the quality of our results.

Focusing on our work as an employee will increase our value to the boss and result in increased job security and promotion.

If we work for ourselves focusing on the task at hand means we get more done and either enjoy a shorter working day or earn more money.

Focusing on our family will bring about a more loving and rewarding relationship with our loved ones. I could go on but I am sure you get the picture.

Focus is a matter of motivation it’s easy to stay focused when driving a sports car at speed you have motivation if you don’t focus you crash and die.

A lion stalking a zebra on the African savannah is a picture of concentration and focus because it’s motivated by hunger.

It’s not so easy to stay focused when the prize or danger is not clear or is too far in the distance. It’s not easy to stay focused at work when your motivation is to get promoted sometime in the future.

So to stay focused the prize or danger must be clear in our minds we must have a goal and this goal must have a deadline. Your goal must be constructed as a plan. For example I will stay focused and disciplined at work and within 6 month I will get promoted.

That’s of course a very simple plan and to motivate yourself on a day to day basis you should have sub goals constructed around specific project or tasks.

As we all know even with a goal and a clear reward in sight it’s not always easy to stay focused in order to keep on track you need to use the twin powers of pain and pleasure. Everything we do in life is to avoid pain or gain pleasure.

To keep focused you must associate either great pain with not reaching your goal or great pleasure in achieving it. If you want to focus on your health and change your unhealthy eating patterns, associating the pain of dying and not seeing your grandchildren growing up, would be great motivator.

If your goal is to get promoted at work. Concentrating on the extra money you will earn and picturing the great holiday you can enjoy with your fatter pay packets will do the trick.

The most powerful way of staying focused on any task is to be clear in your mind of both the pleasure reaching your goals will bring and also the painful results of failure.

List in your mind or better still on paper all pleasurable results staying focused and reaching your goal will bring into your life. Don’t just do this intellectually use your emotions and actual feel the pleasure.

Then do exactly the same with the other great motivator pain.  Some people are more motivated by the prospect of pleasure and others by the threat of pain. When you know what motivates you, you can use that knowledge to keep yourself focused.

Your subconscious and how it works

Your subconscious can be compared to a very powerful computer and just like a computer it comes with certain programs already installed and the capacity to add more programs, according to operator’s wishes and needs.

Just like a computer bought from a shop you’re born with a basic operating system to perform the basic functions you need to stay alive. Your subconscious has  preinstalled programs to keep your heart beating, keep you breathing , make your kidney and liver work harmoniously  I sure you get the picture.

You also come just like a store bought computer with the capacity to install new programs. Unlike a store computer you also come with other inherit traits like curiosity, creativity, the need to copy others, and the urge to learn.

As new skill are learnt they to become programmed into our subconscious minds and rarely have to be thought of consciously again. These skills include things like learning to walk, and learning to feed ourselves. Once these rudimentary skills have been learnt and programmed into are subconscious minds we can forget about them. We can move on to the next step learning to ride a bike, improving our table manners etc.

Without these subconscious programs our lives would be impossible imagine having to think about every heart beat, every breathe and every step we take. Your subconscious mind is dealing with hundreds of different tasks simultaneously and this frees up the conscious mind for higher thinking and its role of operator.

Our subconscious also control everything else because it always acts in our best interests or (this is the interesting bit) in what it’s programmed to belief are our best interests.  This makes our subconscious programs or belief s very powerful.

These beliefs are normally installed at a very early age by our parents and other authority figures and by our earliest experiences as we get older repetition and reinforcement cause them to become entrenched deep within our minds. Normally only persistent, well planned, conscious reprogramming can unearth and change them later in life.

If we belief at a subconscious level that poor people are good and rich are bad, or money is the root of all evil. Your subconscious mind will never let you be rich because it beliefs that would make you a bad person and that money is evil and therefore not good for you. Being rich is not in your best interests.

Even if you manage to strike it rich though an inheritance or the lottery your subconscious programming will make it almost impossible to keep hold of the money and even if you do you won’t enjoy it.

If you hold such negative or limiting beliefs your subconscious will use a barrage of tricks to maintain the status quo. It will cause you to make poor judgments and decisions or let down your defenses and let in sickness, to sabotage your efforts. Bad luck and poor timing maybe your downfall. Guilt may plague you should come into money against the odds.

If you belief that sick people are closer to god or receive more love and attention, then you are programmed to be sickly most of the time.

Subconscious programming can also be more positive if you belief that it’s your god given birthright to be rich or it’s good to have money because you can use it to help yourself and other people. You’re well prepared to go out and seek your fortune.

With the right programming you will be in the right place at the right time. You will find the energy and determination necessary to overcome obstacles and when your pile is made you will be able to enjoy it and use for the benefit of all.

If you want to change your life you must first change your beliefs, only by digging out our deepest subconscious beliefs and changing them for more positive can we override our programming and changing the course of our lives.

How to Become Lucky

You may be accustomed to thinking about luck as some mysterious, fleeting quality that you either have or don’t have – but the Law of Attraction teaches us that we can consciously choose to become lucky.

While the dictionary defines luck as “chance or good fortune” – studying the Law of Attraction awakens us to the understanding that chance has little to do with it.  It is our thoughts, emotions, beliefs and actions that determine the outcome of any situation, not some random quirk of fate.

In other words, it is much more about the type of person you are and the things you consistently do that determine how lucky you are.  Through the conscious use of the Law of Attraction, you can easily and quickly become the luckiest person on the planet!  You just have to understand how to get some good energy flowing through your life by adopting the mind-set and demeanor of a lucky person.  This involves learning how to alter your thoughts, emotions and actions in such a way that they attract opportunities, abundance and good fortune.

How do you do this?  If you’ve ever observed the people that seem to be naturally lucky, you may have noticed a few interesting things about them.

•    Lucky people are optimists.  They always expect the best outcome with whatever they do, and they very often get it!  They don’t spend time brooding over missed opportunities or a lack of options.  Instead they focus on the positives and MAKE situations work for them.  At the same time, they have learned the art of detachment.  They let go of any “need” for a specific outcome and instead remain open to the many good things that life has to offer.  This very mind-set is what attracts great opportunities into their lives, and also gives them the keen awareness to recognize such opportunities.

•    Lucky people live in the moment.  They don’t spend time obsessing over negative things that happened in the past, and they don’t harbor anxiety about the future.  Instead, they simply grasp the joy and passion that life has to offer them right NOW, and let the future take care of itself.  This also contributes to clearer thought processes, which enables them to be more aware of the potential that exists in each moment.

•    Lucky people take action without hesitation.  You will rarely see a lucky person hesitating, doubting, or holding back on something they really want to do.  Instead, they leap ahead when they see something they want.  They’re not afraid of hard work, but they also seem to have an innate ability to make any endeavor fun and exciting.  They don’t groan about how hard life is; they take control of the wheel and steer their lives where they want to go!

If you consciously begin taking these actions yourself on a regular basis, you will notice a gradually increasing flow of good fortune.  Not only will you attract better outcomes in every situation, you will call forth endless opportunities to keep improving all areas of your life. 

How Passion Energizes Law of Attraction

No matter what you do in life, doing it with passion and enthusiasm can immediately energize the Law of Attraction to work to your benefit.  Does it sound too good to be true?

Here are ten reasons why passion can energize the Law of Attraction in whatever you do:

•    Passion inspires you to take focused action.  Though action isn’t always necessary to receive positive outcomes, it sure does help!  When you take action, you are helping to bridge the gap between the spiritual and physical planes of existence.  Focused action can intensify and direct energy in powerful ways, which intensifies your results.

•    Passion encourages creative inspiration.  Have you ever received an amazing idea while you were feeling passionate and excited about something else?  Passion is a higher frequency vibration that will attract more high-frequency vibrations – like creativity and ingenuity.

•    Passion can inspire clarity and insight about the right path for you.  Though there really aren’t any “wrong” paths in life, there are certainly easier ones and more difficult ones!  The more passionate you feel about something, the more meaningful and important it will become.

•    Passion blots out fear and resistance.  How can you feel anxious when you’re feeling great about what you’re doing?  The more you focus on passion and enthusiasm for your activities, the less likely you are to experience fear or worry.

•    Passion keeps you firmly in the present moment.  When you immerse yourself in what you’re doing at the moment, there is little chance of you worrying about the future or dwelling on the past.  This allows you to devote more of your focus to your current activities, which will allow you to better enjoy them, as well as intensify the results you get from them.

•    Passion provides a great escape from dissatisfaction.  Shifting your attention away from what you don’t want allows you to better focus on what you do want.  The more time you can devote to activities that make you feel passionate, the less time you will be dwelling on negative stuff – and attracting more of it!

•    Passion directs a stronger intensity of energy toward your desired outcome.  If you do something halfheartedly, you might receive watered-down results, but doing it with passion virtually guarantees that your results will be excellent.

•    Passion is an investment in more opportunities to feel passionate!  Remember that the more you focus on something you really enjoy you will begin to attract more things to really enjoy.  It also works the same for other emotions like joy, peace, love, and gratitude.

•    Passion can extend your endurance.  When you feel passionate about what you’re doing, you can easily get lost in it and accomplish much more than you would otherwise.  This can also create more expansive results than you would otherwise receive.

•    Passion can inspire quicker results in any endeavor.  Whether you’re focused on increasing your financial abundance or creating a work of art, you’ll be putting forth a strong intensity of emotion so your results will usually appear much more quickly than they would otherwise.

Remember, any strong emotion you express will emit powerful vibrations to the universe and eventually return to you in the same or similar form.  Since you want your results to be as positive as possible, try infusing whatever you do with passion and watch as it creates a continuous flow of joy and abundance in your life.