How Playing Monopoly Can Help You Attract More Money

Last weekend, I watched a documentary called Under the Boardwalk: The MONOPOLY Story. Most of the film was dedicated to telling the story of how seriously devoted Monopoly players play each other in national and international tournaments. Part of the film tells of how the game was created and how it evolved over years before it was available for anyone to buy.

What I found most fascinating about the history of the game was that many people played it during the Depression years. Back then wealth, owning property, and having the freedom to wheel and deal to acquire more wealth and more property was out of reach for most people. Yet here was this game that gave them the chance to escape the stress and tension of their money problems and allowed them to spend a few hours feeling wealthy and thinking and making decisions like a wealthy real estate tycoon would.

Come to think of it, it’s quite extraordinary how Monopoly takes you through some strong emotions. Counting your Monopoly money can make you feel powerful as does taking money someone owes you for landing on your property. There’s a high that comes with being on top and a different kind of focus and confidence you need to take risks.

I can’t help but imagine how many people who played Monopoly during the Depression used the game to, not just spend the evening forgetting about their financial lack, but to really help them get into a wealth mindset that then helped them to begin attracting different opportunities and more money.

There are lots of different ways to get into a wealth mindset. One of my favorites are the Prosperity Game from the book Ask and It Is Given:

In this process, you will begin by establishing an imaginary checking account. In other words, there will be no actual bank involved, but you will make deposit entries and check withdrawals just as if it were an actual account.

 It is of value to make this process feel as real to you as possible. On the first day, deposit $1,000. And spend it.

The point of the game is to have fun thinking about what you would like to purchase, and to enjoy the process.

 You can spend it all today, or save some of it for another day. However, we encourage you to do your best to spend it today, because tomorrow you will be making another wonderful deposit.

On the second day, deposit $2,000. On the third day, deposit $3,000. On the fourth day, deposit $4,000. When you reach day 50, deposit $50,000. When you reach day 300, deposit $300,000.

Another favourite is the Already Wealthy Game by author Denise Coates which is a guided meditation that will have you envisioning what it feels like to be at an ATM machine withdrawing money, seeing you still have a huge balance in your account, and knowing you still have plenty more in other accounts.

So, tell me, how has Monopoly changed the way you feel about attracting money? What ways do you get yourself into a wealth mindset?

Photo by: HarshLight

Money and Emotions

When working with the Law of Attraction to increase your financial abundance, you may become keenly aware of the ways your emotions are tied in with money.

Emotion has the power to drastically benefit your ability to attract more money, but it also has the power to effectively block your ability to do so.  Remember that your emotions are what determine the power or focus of the vibrations you emit to the universe.  If you focus your emotions in the right way, you will boost your ability to attract more money, but if you hold powerful emotions on the wrong end of the spectrum, it will block the abundance you wish to attract.

To understand how this works, we have to look at two main considerations when it comes to money and emotions:

•    Emotional states that resist or block abundance.  These states are: fear, desperate need, anger, powerlessness or uncertainty.  If you desire more money but worry about your ability to handle it, you will resist it.  If you desperately need more money because of a severe state of lack, your very dependence upon it will push it away.  Believing that money will solve all of your problems is also a sure way to block it because you are placing an excessive amount of importance on money, when it’s not about the money at all.  Granted, money can make your life easier, but if your life is a mess besides not having enough money, it will still be a mess when you do have more money!

•    Emotional states that attract abundance.  On the opposite end of the spectrum are emotions that actually call forth greater abundance into your life.  They are:  optimism, gratitude, joy, passion, appreciation and hopefulness.  The first order of business in attracting more money is to first become grateful for what you already have.  Learn to appreciate the good things in your life, even if not everything is perfect.  When something good happens to you, take a few moments to reflect on it and be grateful for it.  At the same time, learn to embrace an optimistic view of the future.  Expect good things, and you will begin to attract them.  Expect plenty of opportunities to grow and develop as a person, opportunities to advance your career, and opportunities to attract more money.

As you shift your focus to lighter emotions like this, you begin to change the signal you send out to the universe.  When you combine this signal with focused action steps, you will notice a definite improvement in the tangible abundance you experience in your daily life.

It’s important to note that it may take time to see results, especially if you’ve been focusing more on those negative emotions for any length of time.  The tricky part is being able to focus on the positive emotions even if your circumstances aren’t the way you wish them to be . . . yet!  That “yet” is important, because you have to be willing to believe that things WILL change, even if they haven’t already.  However, keep at it and watch how your life transforms before your eyes.

Overcoming Negative Thoughts

When starting out with the Law of Attraction, you may notice that your mind has some ugly thoughts it likes to contribute to your efforts.  Almost all of us have one of these voices in our head: “That will never work.  You can’t do that.  That’s not good enough.  It will never happen.”  Likewise, we all have a voice in our head that encourages us.  “Alright!  That was awesome!  I rock!”  In some of us one or the other may be dominant, or even apparently missing.  If your negative voice is missing, you’re lucky!

If you truly take note, you will notice that the negative voice is quite different from the positive voice.  Not only are they different voices, differing in tone, pitch, and volume.  They will also be in different parts of your head.  The negative voice may be behind your left ear, and the positive voice may come from lower in your head.  Take note of where these voices speak from.

NLP, or Neuro Linguistic Programming, teaches us that we can change these voices by becoming aware of them and then making alterations.  The next time you hear the encouraging voice, by all means, turn up the volume!  When you hear the negative voice, there are a few tricks you can try.  Change the voice into a lower pitch and make it softer.  Give it a sexy ring.  “THAT’S NEVER GOING TO WORK!” is very different sounding from “mmm, that will never work” in a seductive tone.  Turn the volume on this voice down a little.

You may be laughing, but it really is that simple!  These voices are mental constructions we have created.  They reflect different beliefs we have that may or may not serve us.  By adding power to your positive voices and turning your negative ones into something you can laugh at, you change the impact both have on you.

You can try moving the voices around.  This may or may not work, depending on the person.  You can even mute the negative voices and give the positive ones a megaphone.  When you take control of your own thinking processes and mental habits in this way, you change the way that your thinking affects your reality.  By toning down any negative voices, you take away their impact at affecting your mood, your feelings, or your manifestation attempts.

After all, who can manifest their desires while a drill sergeant yells “THIS IS STUPID!” from behind you?  Turn that drill sergeant into a mime.  Oh, and don’t form any mental pictures.  That’ll show em!

By becoming more aware of your thought processes and the different voices you use within your own mind, you can tweak your thoughts so that manifesting your desires is much easier.  But that’s not where the benefits end.  How much better will your entire life be when the voice of failure is forever gone from within you?

Affirmations and Prosperity Consciousness

Affirmations are a great tool to help you build your prosperity consciousness because they keep your mind focused on abundance rather than lack.

However, it’s important that your affirmations are worded in such a way as to make them believable.  They must be believable because if you don’t believe what you’re saying, your affirmations will be completely ineffective.

In addition, affirmations should be worded in present tense, not future tense.  If they place the benefits in some obscure future timeframe, you won’t feel a benefit from saying them NOW.

One good way to meet both of these requirements is to write your affirmations in such a way that they focus on a PROCESS rather than an end result.  Instead of saying, “I have a lot of money,” you could say, “My financial situation is getting better by the day.”  The latter is easier to believe than the former, especially if you don’t yet have a lot of money.

There are two types of affirmations you will want to use to increase your prosperity consciousness:  those that focus on changing unsatisfactory circumstances, and those that affirm better circumstances.

Start by making a list of the things you’re unhappy with in your life right now.  If you feel strapped financially, write it down.  If you feel empty spiritually, write that down.  Keep going until you can’t think of anything else you are unhappy with.  Then write a statement for each scenario and affirm that it is getting better.

Do the same thing with situations you want to create or expand in your life.  If you’ve experienced some success with your career but would like to expand upon it, write that down.  Same with your relationships, health, or whatever else you want to increase.  Then write statements for each of those situations.

Here are some sample affirmations you can use:

•    I effortlessly attract abundance wherever I go.
•    Every day my financial situation is improving.
•    I trust in my ability to bring forth better circumstances.
•    My inner guidance leads me to lucrative opportunities.
•    I honor my natural talents and use them as often as possible.
•    As I learn to love and respect myself, others do also.
•    I have what it takes to create an amazing, passionate life.
•    I am eager to take advantage of the many opportunities that come my way.
•    I am open to receiving all the abundance and blessings I deserve.
•    I am grateful for the limitless abundance I have right in my life right now.

The biggest challenge is remembering to say your affirmations daily, and especially when you find yourself focusing on lack!  You may find it helpful to write or print your affirmations on index cards and post them where you will see them frequently.  Place them on your desk at work, in your car, and in the place where you pay your bills.

With enough repetition, you will find it gets easier and easier to keep up with your affirmations and build your prosperity consciousness so big and strong that it becomes a permanent part of you.

Creating a Private Space for Manifesting

It can be difficult to find the time and place for daily visualization.  Between your job, your friends, your partner, and your kids (or any applicable combo thereof) you may find that you don’t have the time (or perhaps just the private space) to conduct Law of Attraction visualizations.  Perhaps there are some times/places you haven’t thought about, though.

1) The Bath/Shower – this is an excellent time to work on your manifestations.  Think about the bath or shower.  One common cliché is that people sing in the shower.  Why, instead of singing, couldn’t you visualize?  Water is very powerful and contains wonderful healing energy.  This energy also can assist you in your visualization process.  By cleansing your energy as you are visualizing, your intent will be clearer and more powerful.  Plus, most of us aren’t bothered too often when taking our morning bath.

2) Your Lunch Break – sure, it’s nice to eat out a time or two each week, but you can easily turn 20 minutes of your lunch break into a great visualization session.  Find somewhere that you won’t be bugged.  This could even be outside as you walk laps around your building.  Use this time twice a week to visualize your desires.

3) Your Smoke Break – I know, these are often social events.  However, think about how many times each day you smoke (this of course is only for smokers).  Could you not cut one smoke break away from everyone else?  Non smokers at work, could you not cut a 15 minute break for yourself as well?

4) Bedtime – Often the quietest time of day for a parent is the small window of time between the children going to bed and the parents going to bed.  Perhaps there is a window in here for you to visualize?  Or perhaps you could do it as you lay down, after you’ve told your spouse good night.  There are no rules against visualizing with your eyes closed, you know…

The point here is that there are many small time slots throughout the day where you can slide a 10-15 minute visualization session in without being distracted.  Sometimes we need to stop and really think about when we are going to work on manifesting our desires.  If you never cut out time to work on your desires, how will you see them met?  Remember, your desires being fulfilled will not only be a blessing to you, but also to everyone you care about.  So for their sake as much as your own, find a time, mark it off, and enjoy the fun of visualizing!

The Miracle of Gratitude

A miracle is traditionally defined as an extraordinary event by divine intervention, but we also use the word to describe an occurrence that was previously thought to be impossible.

Gratitude can be one of these miracles in your life if you let it.  How?  By giving you the power to turn any difficulty, any challenge, or any heartache into a blessing.

The thing about miracles is that you have to be willing to see and acknowledge them.  If you wanted to keep a pessimistic or cynical outlook, you could easily ignore what appears to be a miracle.  We see this all the time!  A person with a supposedly terminal illness is told he only has 3 months to live, and he’s still going strong 10 years later.  A woman who is told she can never conceive a child decides to adopt, and finds out she’s pregnant shortly after.  There are endless stories like this, where the impossible suddenly became possible – in other words, a miracle occurred.  Yet, some people choose to see these events as “coincidences” or merely random flukes.

Any miracle can be explained away if a person has a vested interest in remaining cynical.  The question to ask yourself is:  do you have such an interest?  Or are you willing to allow a gratitude focus to perform miracles in your life?

Take a moment and consider any “impossible” situations in your life right now.  Why do you believe they are impossible?  Are you willing to believe in the possibility that a miracle could occur?

If you answered yes to that question, here is how to use gratitude to invite miracles into your life.

1)  Never say “never”.  How many times have you been absolutely certain that something couldn’t happen, only to find out later that you were wrong?  It happens a lot!  Begin to open your mind to the possibilities and believe that what you think is impossible may not be so at all.  Just because you can’t see any possible way for something to happen doesn’t mean a way doesn’t exist!  Express gratitude for the possibilities you are aware of, and also those you haven’t even considered yet.  Open your heart and mind to gratitude for the miracles that might be coming your way.

2)  Even if something does appear to be totally hopeless by all the laws of physics and tangible reality as we know it, allow gratitude to turn it into a miracle through the grace of acceptance.  Embrace what you cannot change.  Let it become something that blesses you rather than hinders you.  Even better, let it become something that blesses others.  Use your impossibility to change lives and by extension, the world.  A way exists if you open to it.

3)  Apply gratitude to every hardship, challenge, obstacle and pain in your life.  Be thankful for the ways they help you grow in wisdom and inner strength.  Love your illnesses, your heartaches, your struggles and your enemies.  Bless them for imparting deeper meaning and richness to your life.

Through love and gratitude, ANY situation can be healed.  Perhaps the healing will not come in the form you expect or in the exact timeline you hope for – but healing will come.  Simply open to it and embrace it, and you will have created your very own miracle.

Getting Rich with the Law of Attraction

Everyone wants to use the Law of Attraction to attract abundance into their lives.  However, many focus on money as the highest priority.  It can be very frustrating when the money doesn’t manifest.  However, there is a way to correct this problem.  It’s all a matter of the angle you are taking.

I would argue that for 99% of you, money is not what you want.  You can argue all you like, but let me show you.  Do you want money?  Do you want to have the freedom to travel?  To buy whatever you want?  To have that new car, that new house, or that new computer?  Do you want to take vacations every other month?  To buy those expensive meals that really whet your appetite?

If you answered yes to any but the first question, then you are contradicting yourself.  Money is not a free lifestyle.  Money is not an expensive dinner.  Money is not a car, nor is money a house.  Money is paper.  Money is a means.  Yet, when practicing visualization, money is one of the most commonly desired objects.  And yet, most people fail to manifest money.  It’s because money is not your desire!

When visualizing, you need to focus on what you really want!  Focus on that house.  Focus on that car.  Money is not your concern – money is the universe’s problem.  Visualize your vacation or your travel.  Visualize your expensive dinner.  Do not visualize money – that is too difficult to work up emotional energy over.

But to work up energy over that hot, sleek new computer, or that shiny new convertible, or that beautiful new house?  Much, much easier.  Always simplify your goals by tracing them down to their roots.  Money is not a root goal – the objects and time that you are hoping to obtain by having that money is.  Let the money be the part that is up to the universe.  Then you don’t have to worry about it – in the process of manifesting your expensive tastes, the money will just fall into your lap.

By changing your angle and focusing on the root desires, you will always drum up far more excitement and energy, which is what truly charges your desires and sends that intent to the universe.  When focusing on money, you are focusing on a midway point, and one that universally is experienced as something very difficult to come by.  We are building our own barriers to success!

By making this simple change, you will find you have far more success utilizing the Law of Attraction.  Good luck!

When You’re Having Trouble Visualizing…

Sometimes, when learning to visualize, you may experience difficulties.  There are many reasons for this, none of which (I guarantee you) are that you just can’t visualize well.  Visualization is a skill that all humans possess and have perfected before even learning to talk.  Here are some helpful hints to think about.

First of all, most of us visualize externally.  We visualize with our eyes open all the time.  Think about the last time someone asked you a question.  You had to access the answer in your mind.  Depending upon the question, you most likely shifted your eyes up and to the left, or just up, or possibly even to the right.  Are you aware that you’re doing that?  Are you aware that everyone in the world is?

We humans visualize almost everything we think about.  A person with a photographic memory is merely someone who is able to visualize a clearer picture.  There are some tricks you can learn to help you to sharpen your picture and make visualizing a snap.

First off, because most visualization occurs externally, you must become consciously aware that the limits of the room are not the limits of your mind.  If you are making a large mental picture and you are in a small room, you may simply feel you can not visualize.  In fact, you only need to become aware of the fact that you are boxing your visualization into spacial reality, when this is not necessary for mental pictures.  You can visualize right through the wall, but so many of us don’t.

Secondly, you can zoom your mental pictures in and out.  If they are too close, zoom out.  If too far, zoom in.  You can pull them closer to you and push them away.  You can make them larger or make them smaller.  You can turn up the brightness or make the picture darker.  You have control over all of these things, and you didn’t even know it!  Why didn’t they teach you this in school?

As you play with learning to get your mental pictures and mental movies set up the way you like, you will find even more cool things.  Mental pictures of something you belief or know firmly may appear on one side, and pictures of things you are unsure about may appear on another.  What happens if you take something you are unsure about and move that picture to the “sure” area?  What happens if you take a limiting belief and move it to the “unsure” area?  These are powerful maneuvers that drastically affect consciousness and thought patterns.  You can literally repattern your thoughts overnight with these techniques.

Try playing around with these.  If you have trouble visualizing in a small room and can’t seem to break the spacial bounds, move to a larger room.  If you can’t see the mental picture well, make it bigger and brighter.  In NLP these are called submodalities, and they are incredibly useful in conjunction with the Law of Attraction.  You should now have all the tools you need to have success with visualization.  Happy daydreaming!