Manifesting Money Is Easy

As I write this, I am sitting in a comfortable condo—a vacation rental—in Nashville. I’m here taking a month off to relax, work on a new book, and hang out with my friend, David.

When the month is over, we’re heading to Las Vegas for eight days.

I’ve never done anything like this before. I have never been away from home for so long. Rather than get homesick or worry that something is going wrong at home, I’m staying in the present (most of the time) to enjoy this experience.

I am amazed at how I manifested all of this.

Earlier this year, one thought lead to another and I ended up finding this condo on a vacation rental Web site. Not only does it feel homey, turns out, it’s a five-minute walk from David’s.

Then I set about attracting enough money to pay for the condo, the plane fare, $1500 spending money, my half of the expenses for our Las Vegas trip, and the money I needed to pay all the bills back home.

I consider myself to be pretty good when it comes to manifesting, but making this adventure happen was a challenge. The crazy thing is, honestly, I loved the challenge of making it happen than I am experiencing the manifestation.

Don’t get me wrong. I have loved my time here. I just can’t help but think, if I can make this happen, what’s next? What else can I envision and make happen?

As far as luxury goes, this adventure might not be as awe-inspiring as a month in the south of France, or Fiji, or some other exotic location. But being mere blocks away from my closest friend and having the chance to write without being distracted by work has been glorius.

Now is the perfect time to start this blog. I want to show you that it absolutely possible to manifest the money you want—for whatever you want or need it for.

When I think back through the years, if there is one thing I have proven myself to be good at, it’s manifesting money. Like so many people, it wasn’t the money, per se, that I wanted. It was the freedom that money gave me.

Now, at this moment, while I may not be a billionaire (yet!), I am living a life I am happy with. I wish the same for you.

Today, I ask you to re-connect with what you want.

Push aside the logical reasons why getting what you want is “too hard” or “impossible”. Just get a clear picture in your mind of what you want and hold on to it.

The truth is, getting what you want is easy. It’s knowing what you want, and then making the decision to go for it, that brings struggle.

What do you want? Tell me in the comments below.