The Miracle of Gratitude

A miracle is traditionally defined as an extraordinary event by divine intervention, but we also use the word to describe an occurrence that was previously thought to be impossible.

Gratitude can be one of these miracles in your life if you let it.  How?  By giving you the power to turn any difficulty, any challenge, or any heartache into a blessing.

The thing about miracles is that you have to be willing to see and acknowledge them.  If you wanted to keep a pessimistic or cynical outlook, you could easily ignore what appears to be a miracle.  We see this all the time!  A person with a supposedly terminal illness is told he only has 3 months to live, and he’s still going strong 10 years later.  A woman who is told she can never conceive a child decides to adopt, and finds out she’s pregnant shortly after.  There are endless stories like this, where the impossible suddenly became possible – in other words, a miracle occurred.  Yet, some people choose to see these events as “coincidences” or merely random flukes.

Any miracle can be explained away if a person has a vested interest in remaining cynical.  The question to ask yourself is:  do you have such an interest?  Or are you willing to allow a gratitude focus to perform miracles in your life?

Take a moment and consider any “impossible” situations in your life right now.  Why do you believe they are impossible?  Are you willing to believe in the possibility that a miracle could occur?

If you answered yes to that question, here is how to use gratitude to invite miracles into your life.

1)  Never say “never”.  How many times have you been absolutely certain that something couldn’t happen, only to find out later that you were wrong?  It happens a lot!  Begin to open your mind to the possibilities and believe that what you think is impossible may not be so at all.  Just because you can’t see any possible way for something to happen doesn’t mean a way doesn’t exist!  Express gratitude for the possibilities you are aware of, and also those you haven’t even considered yet.  Open your heart and mind to gratitude for the miracles that might be coming your way.

2)  Even if something does appear to be totally hopeless by all the laws of physics and tangible reality as we know it, allow gratitude to turn it into a miracle through the grace of acceptance.  Embrace what you cannot change.  Let it become something that blesses you rather than hinders you.  Even better, let it become something that blesses others.  Use your impossibility to change lives and by extension, the world.  A way exists if you open to it.

3)  Apply gratitude to every hardship, challenge, obstacle and pain in your life.  Be thankful for the ways they help you grow in wisdom and inner strength.  Love your illnesses, your heartaches, your struggles and your enemies.  Bless them for imparting deeper meaning and richness to your life.

Through love and gratitude, ANY situation can be healed.  Perhaps the healing will not come in the form you expect or in the exact timeline you hope for – but healing will come.  Simply open to it and embrace it, and you will have created your very own miracle.

How to Attract Great People in Your Life

This blog has been up for about five years, first under, then, and for the last few months,, since we wanted to consolidate everything. When that switch happened, I handed over most of the writing to my business partner, Wendy.

I met Wendy on October 9, 2006. I know because she never lets me forget it. Today, September 15, is her birthday…which she never lets me forget either!

That got me thinking…

I can say that the day I met her was definitely the start of something life-changing, but at the time, it was just another evening. I was working from home and decided to listen to a talk radio, since my radio show as pretty fresh and I thought listening to other talk radio hosts would help me to become a better host myself.

Found a show about new age stuff, specifically psychics and mediums. Had been exposed to that type of work in the past and even worked as a psychic at one point, so I checked it out.

At the very end, a woman called in and asked about the business of being a psychic. She had been doing it for years, but was looking for a way to expand. As growing businesses is what I do, I perked up.

At the end of the call, the host said, “Give us your website so we can send you some business.”

She did…and I typed it in my web browser.

The site was ok, but I had some ideas to make it better. Wrote her a quick email that said, “I’m a marketing guy. Have some ideas on how you can get more business.”

That started the conversation…and within a couple of weeks, I had hired her to do customer service for my company. It wasn’t a position I was looking to fill, but I was having problems with customer service at the time and made me an offer to take over that aspect of the business for me.

She wasn’t looking for “customer service” work, but because she was looking for somebody to mentor her in business and marketing to help her expand her psychic business, working with me in that capacity would enable her to have that.

So here we are, just shy of five years working together, and she is running the show.

I know a lot of people here aren’t just looking for more money, but looking for partnerships to help them. And here is how Wendy and I came together…

  1. Find a Problem and Solve It– The relationship started and kept going because we each found a problem and made an offer to solve it.
  2. Be Nice and Help People – You never know who you’ll be helping or what they’ll be able to do for you.
  3. Be Open and Say Yes – I’m sure it was crazy to get an email from some guy claiming to be able to help solve a problem (and willing to do it for free), but that’s exactly what happened and what she said “yes” to and nothing would  have happened had she not done that.

Opportunity for what you want is all around you. Say “yes” to it. Had I never turned on the radio or reached out, no telling where I would be now.

Thank you, Wendy, for saying “yes” as well!

Also, keep in mind that you might be in the middle of something life-changing and not realize it now. So trust what you want is coming (or is here) and keep at it with an open heart!

The $10 Million House

House Got together with a few business friends of mine to “mastermind” with each other. One owns a $10MM house, so we decided to meet at his place, rather than take a vacation, which is what we’ve done in the past.

(Click on the images to see a larger version.)

House1 This place isn’t just a big house; it’s a castle. The best way I can describe it is a cross between a Harry Potter ride at Disney World and a casino in Las Vegas. It has secret rooms, a secret floor, a “cave” themed swimming pool, a DJ booth and dance floor, a wine cellar, a theater, waterfalls, a recording studio, huge baths, a steam room, and more. Food was prepared by a private chef and there was a massage therapist on-site.

House3 Is it over-the-top? For some people, it would have been. But for my friend who owns it, it’s a pefect match.

This guy got his start as a magician. What better house for a magician that a quirky place that looks like a castle and has bookshelves that turn into doors and lead to secret passages?

House4 But he’s single… How can one man possibly take advantage of six bedrooms, multiple kitchen and bar areas, an eight-car garage, a gym, and several outside decks and balconies?

House6 The answer to this question is one of the reasons I feel he was able to make this situation happen. Yes, he’s a single guy, but he makes great use of the space.

House5 On the last morning I was there, I woke up to kids running around outside my bedroom, which was near the pool area. As it turns out, these were the kids of the guy who was there to fix the audio system. My friend had invited him to bring them along to have fun in the pool.

This type of hospitality was something I saw over and over again throughout the few days of my meeting. It was very inspiring.

Beyond that, if you’re wondering how he was able to get the house, here are a couple of things I noted…

1. TRUST – He trusts things are going to be ok and work out well. Rather than be intimidated by what most would be considered a huge challenge, he looks forward to the adventure of it.

2. GRATITUDE – This guy is just a normal person who wakes up with the same amount of time and ability as the rest of us. He doesn’t take what he’s been able to accomplish for granted and is very grateful for it.

Regardless of your goals in life, I feel the skills of generosity, trust, and gratitude will help you to make things happen.

NOTE: If you want to see full-size photos, click on the thumbnails above.

Reader Question: Can Playing the Lottery Help Me Pay For a House?

Kathi wrote in:

Your email couldn’t have been more timely.  Because I am going to be a grandma for the first time I decided months ago I want to move two hours south to be closer to my daughter and new grandbaby.  After going into shock over high rent prices I set an intention to buy a home. And for the past 3 months I have been debating everything listed in your email (I’ll have to save more money, I’ll have to increase my income, I’ll need a higher credit rating, I may need to ask someone to co-sign for a mortgage, Maybe I should lower my standards and look for something more reasonably priced).

Since May, 2011 I have been working diligently on my credit rating, looking for a better paying job in that area, and house shopping.  I have been successful in finding a foreclosure that is the home of my dreams.  Unfortunately, it’s at the top of my price range and is badly in need of repair ($30,000 worth).  So along with trying to get pre-approved, I am also looking at much less expensive houses and lower my standards.  The high end of my price range is $80k and homes listed for $50-$60k are just AWFUL!

So, what’s your suggestion?  I have been playing the lottery, but thus far has had no success.


Kathi in Indiana (wanting to be in Kentucky)

Hey Kathi!
Thank you for your question!

Your current situation is one we all can relate to. Circumstances change and we find ourselves wanting something new. Actually, not just wanting something new, but wanting something very important and something bigger than we have wanted in awhile.

You’ve got a newborn grandchild on the way and, on an emotional level, the magnitude of your need (and want) to be close to your family is huge. While it feels like the house situation isn’t coming together with ease, that uncertainty is, probably, bringing up the fear that you’ll miss out on time with your family.

From what you have written, it sounds like you have a lot of things going for you. The trick to getting more of what you want is to really, really, really celebrate what you already have rather than getting caught up in the anxiety of what you don’t have.

Let me share an experience I once had.

Four years ago, I moved to a new city. Rather than going out and exploring the city, I stayed in my apartment and worked at my computer. Eight months moving in, the landlord came to me and said he wanted to renovate the building and asked if I would move out—within 30 days. I agreed to move. In exchange, the last month was rent-free.

At first I was scared. Not knowing the city well, I had no idea which would be a good neighborhood to move to. I was scared I wouldn’t find a place in time. I was afraid I’d apply for a bunch of apartments and be denied by all of them. I was afraid I would find a place I hated but have to take it because I had no other choices.

I went on a message board where people living in this city posted on to ask for recommendations, promote local events, ask for advice, etc.  I wrote a post asking if anyone could give me any advice on looking for an apartment. A woman replied saying there was an apartment available in her building and gave the landlord’s number.

When I called to ask about it, at first the landlord said there was nothing available. I said, “Are you sure?” He said one might be available, but told me to call back in a couple of days to check. Days later, I followed up. Sure enough, an apartment became available.

I went to check it out. It right downtown and within walking distance to everything I needed. Also, unlike any other place I have ever lived, this apartment had a huge patio. Thanks to the good recommendation given by the landlord who asked me to move, I was approved for the new apartment. Not only that, I was given the first month rent-free.

When I was going through this experience, for the first while I was freaking out. But then I started to calm myself down and bring my attention to two things: gratitude and awe.

-Truth be told, I felt isolated where my apartment was, but wouldn’t have made the effort to move for quite awhile. I was grateful my past landlord pushed me to leave.

-I was grateful for the message board I had access to and for the woman who posted the info I needed.

-I was grateful for the available apartment and the positive recommendation my past landlord gave to help me acquire it.

-I was totally grateful for both landlords giving me rent-free months (totaling $2600).

Even in the time of uncertainty, I still focused on the gratitude of each experience I had and was in awe of how, once I stopped being afraid of the worst, things came together quite easily.

Kathi, it seems as though you have a ton of things going your way:

-A new grandbaby!

-Money to invest in a house

-Past experience that has given you the confidence that buying a house is possible

-Present experience showing you the house you want is within your reach

I’m sure there are other things you can think of as well.

It really comes down to this: focusing on the gratitude for what you do have will bring you more.

Playing the lottery to, hopefully, get more money isn’t such a bad thing…if you go into it with the right vibration. If you are buying lottery tickets while feeling anxious, stressed, desperate, frustrated, etc you’re blocking that potential source of money from coming your way.

Look at your current living situation and find things about it to be grateful for. Also, while the house isn’t coming together as you would like, pay attention to the things you are attracting into the other areas of your life. And, finally, while being grateful and acknowledging what a powerful manifester you are, keep holding the vision of you being in a fabulous house with your grandchild in your arms.

Take the focus off of the “Where is the money going to come from?” question and take action by doing things to keep yourself feeling good about the present and the future you want to create. With every fiber of my being, I believe, once you begin doing this people and circumstances will show up that will help you to create the living arrangement you want.

I hope this helps!


P.S: Do you have any advice for Kathi? Leave it in the comments below.

Photo by: jmoneyyyyyy

The Law of Attraction in Your Power Circle

A circle of power, as it relates to the Law of Attraction, is a group of like minded individuals, who have purposed in their hearts, along with you, to meet regularly to join forces in your directional focus towards positive power and energy. The number in your circle may vary, and only you can decide what the ideal number may be. The Bible tells us that where two or more are gathered, God is there among them. The number 3 is often looked upon as a powerful number, as is the number 7. You may choose to not even set a fixed number, and may be open to fluctuations in your circle. The masters of this principle, however, do show a significant increase in focus and energy among those groups who decide to be committed to each other, at least for a season.

Set a time and day for regular meetings of the master minds in your group. People at or above your level of understanding of the Law of Attraction. Be strict about promptness, and attendance. If a member is chronically late, or absent, considering asking them to step down from their position in your circle, as the negativity that could breed is potentially very damaging to the positive energy you are looking to build upon.

Make every effort to free your meeting place from distractions. Play some instrumental music, or other CD you find empowering, such as ocean sounds. Light a candle. Lower the lights, and place a `Please do not knock, or ring door bell’ on your front door. Now that the setting is arranged, as the host of the power circle, it is your responsibility to prepare your heart prior to your partners arriving. Give your self enough time to decompress from whatever your day has brought. Ask your Higher Power to help you clear your mind, and protect this time you have set aside. Be especially careful to notice if there is any area of your heart cast in darkness. Unforgiveness, bitterness, ungratefulness. These negative feelings, and any others, will hamper your ability to reach higher ground spiritually, and therefore your positive connection to the Law of Attraction will be diminished, also.

Begin the power circle session by asking of your group to discern for themselves any negativity they may have carried with them to the meeting and as it is brought to mind, dealt with. Practice accountability in the circle, gently encouraging each other to be constantly striving for balance in all areas of life.

Be aware that the forming of a circle physically when you meet is very empowering. The circle symbolizes completion, continual movement, and is representative of eternity, having no visible beginning or end. As part of the discipline you are learning, your consciousness will begin immediately to be altered towards relaxation and deeper focus, as you assume your positions around the circle. Your mind leaves the worrisome and mundane, and allows serenity to give way to an expectant joy.

Begin your circle time with a deep, cleansing breathe, and then, after a moment, one by one, verbally express your thankfulness for all that the Law of Attraction is doing for you. Understand the power of the Law of Attraction stands outside of our limited concept of time, so when you are purposely communicating with it, you, also, must be grateful for all that was, is and will be, in the present tense.

As each participant speaks their thankfulness for the successes to come, their partners around the circle will affirm and edify the positive statements being made. Each time you gather, these simple acts will become more enriching to each member of the circle, and as victories within the partner’s lives are shared and celebrated the power of your circle with grow dramatically. 

Manifesting the Means

When attempting to manifest your desires, it’s easy to get mixed up between what you really want and the means for obtaining what you really want.  After all, that’s why so many of us focus on money, isn’t it?  You don’t care about green paper!  You want financial freedom, the ability to travel, and freedom from financial struggles.  It’s important to focus on our desires and not the means, for the means themselves are more difficult to attract.  When focusing on attracting our desires, the means will naturally occur to allow us to reach our goals.  Let’s look at why.

We think, generally, in a very logical fashion.  We’re not used to jumping from A to C.  We’re accustomed to moving through B.  The problem is that when C is where we want to be, but we focus on attracting point B, we are not generating all of the emotional excitement and energy we could be using to attract our desire.  Because of this, we have far more difficulty attaining our goal, and the process can be long and frustrating. 

Have you really tried visualizing loads of money?  Doesn’t that get boring fast?  It’s difficult to do!  That’s because the act of holding money isn’t that interesting.  However, sailing on our yacht while sipping martinis is a far more exciting visual, is it not?  If you paint yourself laid back on the yacht, you naturally imply freedom from struggle.  By focusing on your end result, and attempting to manifest it, you will naturally attract all of the money you need to do so!  This could be a very swift process indeed.  However, this isn’t what most of us do.  We fall into the typical old trap.  We try to manifest the money.

The interesting thing about the Law of Attraction is that it can bring you anything you want.  Regardless of how difficult it may seem, how impossible or how unlikely, you can have what you want!  Since our minds are used to taking logical points, we are used to working our way from where we are to where we want to go.  Listen up, because here’s the magic.  Focus only on where you want to be in the end.  Focus all of your attention, emotion, and visualizations on your end result.  Sit and determine what it is that you truly want first, so that you know that you are on track.  Don’t try to manifest the money – manifest the mansion!  Since the natural progression of our physical world demands that you buy a mansion with a butt-load of money, guess what the Law of Attraction will bring to you?  A butt-load of money, of course.  The money, or the means in any case, is not important.  The means will be there.  You need to worry only about the ends.

Let the universe and the Law worry about the how’s.  You worry about the what’s.  By releasing the medium ground and allowing the Law to operate of its own accord, you free yourself of having to go slowly and painfully from point A to point B, then again from B to C.  If you visualize C, B will happen naturally.  Good luck and happy manifesting!

How Grateful Are You For the Law of Attraction’s Power?

To express thankfulness is to appreciate that someone other than yourself is, in some part, responsible for your current pleasure, comfort, or success. Should a gift be bestowed upon you, and you express no gratefulness, how soon do you think the giver will rush to please you once more? Sometimes when we ourselves send a gift, we do want an acknowledgment of it, if only to ascertain that the gift did in fact arrive. I often wonder where the courtesy of a thank you note has gone. I suppose in these times it could at least be a thank you email! Should not the child, who has received a gift, be taught to take some time and thank the giver?

How then, if we ourselves appreciate a mention of thanks when we give a gift, do we not take the time to express heartfelt gratitude to the Power that causes all true gifts to be received? An attitude of gratitude must be cultivated if we wish to maintain an open line to the Law of Attraction for receiving greater and more numerous gifts.

Do you go through your day barely noticing the wonderful little miracles that come your way, or chalking the ones you do notice up to coincidences? Please realize, there are no accidents! To a Power that is infinite, such as the Law of Attraction, measuring miracles is futile. Begin to notice, and especially appreciate, each and every lovely event that enriches your life. A series of green lights, a great parking space, running into a long lost friend, all these and countless others occur regularly to those who are in tune with the positive, and thankful for it.

Allow me to paraphrase a beautiful quote from Thomas Secker, Archbishop of Canterbury from 1758-1768: `He who is thankful for the common things will enjoy many great things. A grateful mind is a great mind.’ How true. Don’t brush past the sweet, albeit small, successes in your daily life.  Adopt an attitude of gratitude, and discover the boundless good that waits to carry you onto greater delights day by day.

`When gratitude overflows the swelling heart, and breathes in free and uncorrupted praise for benefits received, propitious heaven takes such acknowledgment as fragrant incense, and doubles all its blessings.’

This quote, from George Lillo, moralist playwright  from the early 1700s, really sums it up. Be grateful for the small, and begin to receive it all!

The Law of Attraction, Coming Soon to a Life Near You!

As you read this, someone in your sphere of contact, is going to begin, very soon, a journey on a path of imaginable joy and fulfillment! What are you going to be doing today, that can’t give way to join in this incredible life experience. Work? Family responsibilities? I realize the list can seem insurmountable of reasons why you can’t devote yourself to a brighter future today, however if you allow daily stress and struggles to have control over your life, your future will never be what it was meant to be. Your tomorrow, when you are going to have the time to really look into this `Law of Attraction’ phenomenon will never occur. The years will go on, but positive change will never materialize for you.

Stop swimming upstream! Everything you are trying to accomplish in your life, from finding your car keys to becoming the next `American Idol’ is as close as your next breath. Imagine owning one of those beautiful stainless steel and glass refrigerators. There are special drawers and temperature settings for every type of food and drink. It has every feature you ever dreamed a fridge could possess. You go to the store and buy all your favorite items, the freshest produce, chesses, eggs, and meat. You can’t wait to experience how terrific this new fridge is going to serve your family in preserving your food. You fill the fridge, and go out for the day. When you come home that night, prepared to serve your family a great meal from the items in your terrific new fridge, you are dismayed to find everything in the fridge is spoiled, and is of no value. Now imagine you continue to do this every day, for years on end, never wondering what is wrong, and wasting all the resources you put into the fridge every day. If only someone had told you to plug this amazing new fridge in!!!! Well, silly as that sounds, that is exactly what you are doing each day you try to succeed in life without being  `plugged in’. All your efforts, resources and  labor has no effect on what you are trying to achieve. You feel as though your job is going nowhere, your health is fair at best, and your family and friends don’t appreciate  all you go through each day, just to survive.

Isn’t it time to stop surviving, and begin thriving? When will you take the power of the universe and claim it as your own? Will today just be another day of barely getting by, or will today be the start of a lifelong adventure of soaring with the eagles? Do you want to run and not grow weary? Do you want to walk and not feel faint? Mount up to fly with wings of eagles. The eagle does not thrash about, attempting to fly, he majestically soars. There are no struggles for those who do what they were meant to do. You were born for greatness, for a time such as this we must stop trying to operate without the power to do so. Plug in to the Law of Attraction, and never again feel as though no matter what you put into your efforts, nothing good comes out. If not today, than when? Why not now!!!