Overcoming Negative Thoughts

When starting out with the Law of Attraction, you may notice that your mind has some ugly thoughts it likes to contribute to your efforts.  Almost all of us have one of these voices in our head: “That will never work.  You can’t do that.  That’s not good enough.  It will never happen.”  Likewise, we all have a voice in our head that encourages us.  “Alright!  That was awesome!  I rock!”  In some of us one or the other may be dominant, or even apparently missing.  If your negative voice is missing, you’re lucky!

If you truly take note, you will notice that the negative voice is quite different from the positive voice.  Not only are they different voices, differing in tone, pitch, and volume.  They will also be in different parts of your head.  The negative voice may be behind your left ear, and the positive voice may come from lower in your head.  Take note of where these voices speak from.

NLP, or Neuro Linguistic Programming, teaches us that we can change these voices by becoming aware of them and then making alterations.  The next time you hear the encouraging voice, by all means, turn up the volume!  When you hear the negative voice, there are a few tricks you can try.  Change the voice into a lower pitch and make it softer.  Give it a sexy ring.  “THAT’S NEVER GOING TO WORK!” is very different sounding from “mmm, that will never work” in a seductive tone.  Turn the volume on this voice down a little.

You may be laughing, but it really is that simple!  These voices are mental constructions we have created.  They reflect different beliefs we have that may or may not serve us.  By adding power to your positive voices and turning your negative ones into something you can laugh at, you change the impact both have on you.

You can try moving the voices around.  This may or may not work, depending on the person.  You can even mute the negative voices and give the positive ones a megaphone.  When you take control of your own thinking processes and mental habits in this way, you change the way that your thinking affects your reality.  By toning down any negative voices, you take away their impact at affecting your mood, your feelings, or your manifestation attempts.

After all, who can manifest their desires while a drill sergeant yells “THIS IS STUPID!” from behind you?  Turn that drill sergeant into a mime.  Oh, and don’t form any mental pictures.  That’ll show em!

By becoming more aware of your thought processes and the different voices you use within your own mind, you can tweak your thoughts so that manifesting your desires is much easier.  But that’s not where the benefits end.  How much better will your entire life be when the voice of failure is forever gone from within you?

Suspending Disbelief Forever

It is difficult to get started with the Law of Attraction.  Although mentally we may be very attracted to the idea of manifesting our own reality, these simple teachings fly opposite to everything we have learned and experienced before in our lives.  Many people “try” the Law of Attraction, find that it doesn’t work for them, and then denounce it as a scam.  The sad fact is that these people never really truly believed it was possible, and didn’t give it a fair chance.  Their failure with the Law of Attraction was attracted to them in order to verify their belief that it was a lie.  That’s the tricky thing about the Law of Attraction – it will bring you whatever you want, even if it gets in your way.

So how do you truly give the Law of Attraction a chance?  It starts by suspending your disbelief.  You have to really, truly accept the fact that it is at the very least possible that there is something to this “Law of Attraction” mumbo jumbo.  It helps to start with a certain disposition.  If you wish it were true, but know deep down that obviously it can’t be, then this is perfect for you.  That’s how I got my start years ago.  I wanted it to be true but just “knew” it wasn’t.  I decided to do what I’m recommending to you, and I’m so glad I did!

Suspend your disbelief – go ahead and agree to allow yourself to believe something “crazy” for awhile.  Really give it a try.  Just do it!  Practice visualizing your desires and your success without feeling any shame in doing so.  Start thinking and believing that you can have anything you want, without feeling like a flake!  The beauty of this is, if your heart is really in it, and you really want it to work, it will!  Now the thing that was “crazy”, that you wish could have been true but wasn’t, really is true for you.  But you have to truly take a leap into it, which means setting your old beliefs aside.

It’s amazing how old beliefs can control us.  They can give us a sureness – an absolute certainty deep within our gut that we know what is true.  The problem with the Law of Attraction is that it always is working, whether we believe it or not.  So while you were living in your old belief system, the Law of Attraction was quietly at work behind the scenes, bringing you experiences and circumstances that further proved what you already believed at the time.  When you suspend your disbelief, you give yourself permission to truly try something else, and that is where you will find the truth – that the Law of Attraction will prove to you whatever you believe, even if it’s the opposite of what you believed last.

By taking the leap, you will find yourself taking control of your life, enjoying your new abundance, and reawakening to the magic and beauty of life.  By suspending your disbelief temporarily, you will actually be suspending it forever.  You don’t have to believe that going in though, just give it a try!  You won’t regret it.

Manifest Monday: Mike Dooley Answers Your Questions

I’ve been following author Mike Dooley on Twitter for awhile now. Recently, I noticed links he was posting to short video responses he was giving to people who were asking him questions about manifesting.

For anyone looking for short bursts of wisdom or even just reminders about how manifesting works and how to get beyond any obstacles you are facing when trying to create something new or different in your life, I recommend watching some of his answers.

You can find them here on Mike’s page on VYou.com.

For anyone not familiar with Mike Dooley, he is the guy behind Notes From the Universe and has written a handful of books including his most recent one Manifesting Change: It Couldn’t Be Easier.

Two Awesome NLP Tricks for the Law of Attraction

For anyone studying the Law of Attraction, Neuro Linguistic Programming, or NLP, can be an incredibly useful subject.  NLP is the study of using of the mind and language to bring about change in a person’s habits, thoughts, feelings and experience.  There are a few particular tricks that really help when visualizing with the intent of manifesting your desires.

The first trick is to use submodalities to heighten your emotional response.  When people visualize, they form pictures or movies in their mind.  Actually, you will find that people often create these pictures externally, which explains why some have more difficulty visualizing with their eyes closed.  What NLP teaches us about these mental pictures and movies is that we can control them in order to change the way we feel about them.

Modalities for our purposes are the major senses and submodalities are the variances possible within each.  Visually speaking, your submodalities would be size, brightness, color, etc.  For hearing, submodalities would include pitch, volume, and tone.  By taking control of the submodalities for your mental pictures, you can vastly increase or diminish your emotional response to them.

For instance, have you ever heard someone say they had a problem they needed distance from?  They had a mental picture that was too close.  How about, “can’t see the big picture for the details?”  They are zoomed in too much to one part of the picture.  Likewise, you can use these submodalities to increase your emotional responses.  When you are visualizing your desires, try making the movie bigger, brighter, and louder.  You will notice your emotions will become much stronger, granting you greater energy towards your manifestations.

The second great NLP trick to know for manifesting is the practice of anchoring.  Anchoring works by touching a part of your body.  The exact spot, pressure, and type of touch all play into an anchor.  The more nerve endings there are in an area of the body, the more precise your touch will have to be.  You can anchor an emotional response, so that by touching that anchor again later, you will begin experiencing the same emotions again.

To use this in your visualization, wait until your emotions are stirring up.  Use submodalities to increase your emotional response to the mental movies and pictures you are forming about having what it is you wish to manifest.  When your emotions are high, choose an anchor (pinch your right knee, clasp your shoulder, etc).  The next time you are beginning to visualize, trigger the anchor and you will have a much easier time.

You can also use what is called a sliding anchor.  For example, when you begin to experience excitement about having your desire, touch your fingertip to your knee.  When your excitement goes up a notch, slide your fingertip an inch or two up your knee.  Doing this, you can set an anchor where you touch your knee, trigger the emotion, and then heighten it by sliding your finger up the same path as before.

Give these two NLP tricks a try, and your manifestation efforts will pay off much faster!  You may even find some applications for these techniques outside of manifesting (what happens if you take a mental image of something that scares or depresses you and turn down the brightness, shrink the picture and push it further away from you?).  Enjoy!

Attracting More Options in Life

Sometimes in the course of life, we become so accustomed to our beliefs, expectations, and thought patterns that we begin to feel like we’re trapped in a never-ending cycle.  At these times, what we need are more options, but also these are the times it’s most difficult to see other possibilities.  Luckily, the Law of Attraction can assist you in finding more options for your life.

The first thing you need to do is to send out your intent stating that you will no longer accept things as they are, and you desire new things.  New experiences, new people, new places, and new habits.  State this emphatically aloud.  The more frustrated you are, the more emotion will pack into your words.  This is all energy going out into the universe.

There is no visualization needed in this exercise.  To attract new things, stating your intent is more than enough.  However, you must alter yourself in your daily life for a short while.  The way that you do this is to be ever alert for something new.  You know what’s typical in your daily life, and what is not.  The universe will send you a clue or a message in the form of something different; something new.  Keep your eyes peeled for a day or two – it won’t take long.

When you first note something new and strange, it may seem to have no value for you as far as something you can use in your daily life.  This was merely a clue, however, and your job is to ponder it.  Think very clearly about this clue.  Why did it happen?  Where did it come from?  What did it mean?  How does it relate to your life?  As your subconscious processes the clue, your conscious will begin to get an inkling.  It will slowly dawn on you, and then the answer will be so obvious you’ll wonder how you missed it.

That clue may give you a new direction, or may suggest a new hobby.  It may involve new people or new places and new things.  If you are still not clear on what to do with this clue, simply state your intention to the universe again and remain aware.  You can do this until you receive a message from the universe that you can understand completely.  At that point, you will have the answer you are looking for.

You may find yourself observing other people.  This is natural when you are in a more observant state.  Ask yourself, why are you observing this particular person at this moment?  What are they doing?  What are they saying?  What message is in this experience for me?

Before long, you will be very adept and processing clues from the universe, and will find that the natural flow of life offers you endless opportunities to explore new things.  The purpose of this exercise is merely to open you up and give you a nudge on your way to discovering more of the endless options available to you in your human experience.

Making Change By Taking Responsibility

The Law of Attraction states that we all create our own reality using the power of our minds.  This is happening all the time, whether we are aware of it or not.  Becoming aware of it and learning to use this awesome power is the purpose of the many teachings available on the subject.  However, there is one prerequisite that is really quite important in gaining true control over your life.  You must take responsibility for everything, both the good and the bad.

It doesn’t take much goading to get someone to accept responsibility for the good things that have happened in their life.  When you begin asking people to accept responsibility for the bad, you begin to find resistance.  None of us want to feel that we have been to blame for everything.  This goes far beyond a blame game though.  The game of life is a huge canvas and we are the artists.  In order to take control of our brushes, we must first recognize the things we have painted as our own.

You will eventually find this to be true in a literal sense, but for now you don’t need to truly feel this.  Just accept it.  Accept the new belief that you are responsible for everything in your life, and that you have the power to change it.  You have the power to add more good things to your life while letting the bad things drop away.  You do not have this power until you take responsibility however, so adopt this belief on a try-before-you-buy basis (also known as: suspend your disbelief), and you will find within a brief amount of time that it is true for you.

When you take responsibility, you regain all of your power.  No longer will other people or events in your present or past hold any power over you.  You will be in control.  When you adopt this attitude, your visualization exercises will yield far greater results.  Every effort you make to manifest a desire will be empowered tenfold.  Any feelings of being a victim will disappear and you will feel your true strength returning to you.  Do not allow others to tell you any different – they don’t know any better themselves.  Things are possible from this frame of mind that others could never imagine.

Most importantly, whenever you encounter something in your daily life that you do not like, you can consciously acknowledge it, recognize it, and choose to create something different next time.  You can literally begin watching the things in your life that you do not like fade back into the background while more and more of your desires move to the front.  This changing of perception is the shift in reality you are looking for.  Good luck!

When The Law of Attraction Becomes Frustrating…

Sometimes it seems the Law of Attraction isn’t working.  Perhaps it seems it isn’t working fast enough.  Perhaps it seems it isn’t working at all.  Frustration is a signal that something you are doing isn’t working.  Your actions and your desires are not in alignment.  Sometimes this is as simple as working on your patience.  Other times, you are actually sabotaging your manifestation efforts without realizing it.  Let’s look at a few causes of frustration and how to correct them.

Your word is one of your most powerful tools.  Think about it.  Words are thought, solidified into sound waves, moved from the realm of faster-than-light vibration down to the speed of sound.  Every word you speak is a manifestation in and of itself.  There are two ways this might affect you.  First of all, do not speak to others about your manifestation goals.  You may set up a subconscious resistance if you feel that person disapproves.  Their energy may interact with your efforts.  Either way, the result will probably not be helpful, so why chat about it?

Secondly, make sure that you only speak words that back your true goals.  Don’t work to be rich and then say haphazardly to a coworker the next day, “I’ll probably grow old and die at this desk!”  If you are not congruent with your visualizations, thoughts and words, you will have more difficulty manifesting your desires.  Congruence is important to your subconscious mind and the universe, because you are sending messages out in all forms of communication.

Finally, is the time you spend visualizing fun?  If it’s not, you aren’t doing it right!  If it’s not fun, you are not lending the energy needed for manifestation to your desires.  Kick back, relax, and daydream like you’re a child!  Have fun with it.  The whole idea is that you experience the feelings of having your desire, such that the universe bends to accommodate these feelings.  You won’t feel in love for long before someone pops up for you to be in love with.  You won’t feel wealthy for long before money will begin to flow to you.  You won’t feel healthy and happy long before health and happiness follow you.  You must create the emotional state of being there first, then allow the things to come after.  The things you think are needed to create these feelings are not – that’s what the point of visualization is.

When you have the emotion, the energy, the beliefs and the expectations, the reality MUST follow.  If you mix any of these up, you will be muddying the water.  That’s not to say you will not succeed, just that it will take longer and be harder.  There’s no point in struggling needlessly.  If you are frustrated with the Law of Attraction, stop for a few days.  Think about a way you can approach your desires in a more exciting, enjoyable way.  Then execute that plan.