Can The Law of Attraction Change Your Life?

`There is nothing with which every man is so afraid as getting to know how enormously much he is capable of doing and becoming.’ This quote, from  Kierkegaard, the deeply spiritual thinker and writer of the 1800s, demands our attention, and an answer. Are we truly interested in changing our lives, do we really want to know what could be accomplished by a person directly plugged into universal power?

Jesus asked a similar question at the healing pools in Bethesda, in Jerusalem, of a man who had been ill for 38 years. `Do you want to be well?’, to which the man explained he had no one to help him. `Get up and walk.’ said Jesus, and the man was healed. Jesus didn’t ask the man if he was tired of being frail, ill, unable to provide for himself. He asked if the man wanted to be well!!!! Do you see the vital, life changing difference here? Do you realize that a thought, once conceived, becomes a real and living thing? Stop saying you are tired of being sick, poor, lonely, and start saying what you want to be!! Notice also, the sick man had to admit he desired healing, he had to act on the command to get up and walk, and he had to believe he had been healed.

How long have you been ill, lame, blind or poor in spirit? Do you want to be well? Do you believe the Power that fuels the universe can provide you with the ability to get up and do that which you were created to do? Will you acknowledge that no great thing is ever accomplished by simply wishing it were so? You must go to that place which is most likely to aid in your future vision. You must admit you need help, and then when help presents itself, you must act on that which is yours to claim, be it physical health, emotional healing, a joy filled life of service to others, or financial freedom from worry. Of course, many of these can happily coincide in the life well powered, there is no need to choose only one life goal, as long as all of your aspirations are of a positive nature the Law of Attraction is available to light your path each step of the way.

The Law of Attraction can change your life, however you must believe the Power exists, and be willing to plug into it. Don’t wait another day for something wonderful to actualize in your life, visualize the  joy that is your future, and live your expectantly according to it. Don’t spend another moment with your inmost desires left unattended in the darkest corner of your heart. Allow the Power that holds all the universe’s brightest attributes to provide dazzling light for all to witness and admire.

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