Becoming Your Ideal Self

We all have an image in our mind of who we would like to be.  This is our ideal self.  It is entirely possible to become this self that you imagine being.  In most cases, that person is your true self.  You can learn to become your true self rather than continuing to idealize a version of yourself that you "are not".  Let’s look at how you can change to become the person you’ve always wanted to be.

Maybe you wish you were funny, but tumbleweeds blow by when you talk.  Maybe you wish you were authoritative, but nobody listens when you talk.  Maybe you wish you could let things roll off your back, but you become enraged instead.  There are many ways in which you might not be living up to the ideal version of yourself you hold.  However, it is easier to become that person than you think.  Here’s how.

First, if you want to be funny, immerse yourself into humor.  Watch stand-up acts, comedies, and read funny books.  The more comedy you expose yourself to, the more your brain will begin to think in comedic terms.  Likewise, if you wish to be more assertive, immerse yourself in material about assertiveness.  Watch movies where the main character is highly assertive.  Read books with an assertive protagonist.  If you wish to be more serene, surround yourself with serenity.  Hang calming paintings in your home.  Play nature sounds.  Do whatever it takes to bring the qualities you wish to exude into your daily life.

Before long, your mind will begin to adapt to the new surroundings.  You will become funnier, or more assertive, or calmer.  This immersion factor does something very important – it gives your brain loads of data to process and use for the purposes that you desire.  It also immerses the subconscious mind in your new desire, which will help you to make an even more fundamental shift toward being the person you want to be.

Take a little time each day and daydream about situations in which your new skills can be utilized.  Imagine yourself making others laugh, or getting the attention and/or respect you desire, or of walking away from an argument without a care.  The Law of Attraction will begin to attract these new situations and outcomes into your reality, and before long you will be experiencing these things.

It’s not that difficult to become your ideal self.  For the most part, deep down, you already are that person.  But working through your insecurities and fears is a big part of unveiling that ideal person within yourself.  By immersing yourself in the things that represent the qualities you desire in yourself, you will begin to bring that energy into yourself and change your reality.  In time, you will look back and realize that you have no ideal self, because you are exactly who you want to be.

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One thought on “Becoming Your Ideal Self”

  1. What you said about immersing ourselves with books, paintings, movies is so true especially movies are very powerful at making lasting changes in our behavior; because I think when watching a movie we are in a trance like state so its easy for the sub-conscious mind to absorb the patterns.

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