Attracting Your Million Dollar Idea

Everyone on this Earth has something of value to another.  Each of us is capable of being very prosperous and happy.  And yet, so many of us struggle day after day.  We are caught in a cruel rat-race, and many times we can barely come up for breath.  Yet, to each of us, there is hope.  Using the Law of Attraction, I want to teach you how to pull to yourself your Million Dollar Idea.

We all are here for a reason.  We all have something that only we can offer.  To discover our purpose is to discover that which both makes us happy and makes us wealthy.  We were not meant to fear, hurt, or suffer.  However, we all have been guilty of doubting ourselves, and we must learn to move through this.  These are very basic things that you must realize before you can even begin to uncover your million dollar idea.  If you find it, but doubt yourself and do not act on it, you may not find it again for years.

You may want to make a list of things you know.  You can list things that you have specific knowledge in.  You might try to narrow the list down into something you think is worth a lot in the market place.  There are hundreds of books for that tactic.  What I want to reveal to you today is a tactic that is far simpler, but you must be willing to put in the effort and specifically to remain very aware for the answer.

Find a time when you have half an hour to yourself.  Find a comfortable, private place that is quiet and relaxing.  Sit (or lie) or get comfortable in whatever way you want.  Listen very attentively to the sounds around you.  If the room is silent, listen to the silence.  Become aware of your breathing.  Count thirty breaths (in-out one, in-out two).  When you have finished this your body and mind will be very relaxed and in the perfect state to continue.

Close your eyes and repeat out loud, “I intend my million dollar idea to present itself to me now.  My million dollar idea is here and now and I will that it show itself.”  Now listen to the silence, focusing on what you just said.  Every few seconds when you begin to feel your mind wandering, repeat the process – say it aloud again, then listen and feel the power of your words as they reverberate through your being.  Continue this for as long as you can, then become aware of your breathing for ten breaths.  Then you may get up and go about your life.

Now you have put out a charged desire for your million dollar idea to present itself to you.  I won’t go into it, but the world you perceive around you is actually within you – everything in your external world is merely a representation of something internal.  So what you need to do now is to remain aware of what you are doing throughout the day.  When you are talking to someone, listen very deeply to what they are saying.  If you stumble across a book, a magazine, or a proposal of some sort, pay extra attention to it.

What will happen is that something in your external life will happen that will present the million dollar idea to you.  Does your friend have a problem that you happen to have a solution to?  Is that solution possibly your million dollar idea?  Do you hear someone talking about something they wish they had, but nobody has created it?  Do you hear anyone complaining about a lack of something that maybe you could provide?

The funny thing is, sometimes your million dollar idea won’t sound like a million dollar idea to you at first.  As your day passes (and the next day), write down everything you think might be a hint.  Dreams are especially important.  What you will begin to find is a pattern based around one certain idea, one certain need, that others have.  You will begin to find it over and over again.  This is the process of your idea presenting itself to you.  Once you are sure you have it, then begin to develop it, and keep faith in yourself.

The simplicity of this exercise is deceiving.  The universe, our external reality, is constantly communicating to us on a personal level, because our external reality is in fact only a manifestation of our internal.  The process of giving an intent and question and then really paying attention to personal messages coming out of the world around you will help you open up to the process of life.

You see, the best million dollar ideas are not things that you think are cool or inspiring.  They are things that others need – things that benefit others!  That’s very often the simple rule that we overlook in life.

The best moment is when you realize that we don’t actually have one million dollar idea.  We have an infinite number of them at our fingertips!  All we need to do is ask and listen.  May your life be enriched and your dreams come true!

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