Attracting Your True Life’s Work

Many of you feel that your day to day life is a scramble towards survival.  You’re probably right.  If you feel that your current job is a waste of your time, and you wish you had more freedom to do what you want when you want, then you haven’t found your true work yet.  Let’s analyze what “true work” means, and how you can go about determining what yours is.

Your “true work” is that which will make you happy, fulfill your daily life, give you a feeling of meaning, and allow you to prosper.  Your true work will never feel like work – it will be something you enjoy and would do if you had all the time in the world to do whatever you wanted.  So your first step in finding your true work is to honestly ask yourself, “What would I be doing if I could do whatever I want, whenever I want?”

At first your mind will come up with some frivolous answers to that question.  This is the result of repression at the hands of our ruthless, nine to five system.  “Go to the beach”, “travel the world”, “watch TV all day”… these are examples of false answers that will seem utterly appealing at first.  Move ahead in your mind, two, three, four months… two, three four years…  Allow yourself to realize boredom with fun and games, and you will begin to get a picture of what you would really be doing.  Helping others?  Writing novels?  Programming video games?  Critiquing movies?  Writing for a magazine?  Missionary work?  Fixing up old cars?  You will begin to find something that you would be doing for fun that could be more than just a hobby.  That is most likely your true work, and the one thing you can be truly successful in.

Once you have identified that, you must begin taking steps towards making that a reality.  Sure, you need to start slow, learn a bit, practice a bit, and find time here and there to start pumping into your work.  But the more you put into it, the more you will begin getting out of it.  When the time is right, the universe will present you with an opportunity – something that will allow your chosen work to bring you abundance.  Someone in a high place may suddenly become aware of your paintings.  The perfect old car in need of renovation with a potential profit margin may fall into your hands.  Your novel may find an audience that shoves you into the limelight.  There’s no telling how it will take place, but when you are doing what you really want, things seem to work out.  Life becomes more simple, and survival becomes easier.  Most importantly, you will be happier, and the stress of your rat-race mentality will begin to fade.

The more you allow this to infiltrate your life, the more you will find the unhealthy, stressful work world you had been so accustomed to fading gently away, and your focus will be moving more entirely toward your passion.  Allow this to happen, and realize that the universe is moving you in this direction, and has your back.  Look for opportunities that benefit yourself as well as others.  Mutually beneficial relationships are the backbone of prosperous, happy working relationships.  The reason so many businesses don’t do well is that they are parasitic, selling things people don’t want to them using unfair psychological marketing.  Find a way to benefit your clients/customers, and your business, whatever it may be, will grow.

If everyone was doing their true work, we would live in a fantastically happy, free world.  The only thing stopping us is our preconditioned beliefs and fear of failure.  Step out there and begin to work toward making your life’s dream into your life’s work, and enjoy the flowers along the way.  Life cherishes those who cherish life, and if you are doing what you want to be doing, you will cherish life!  Take the first step immediately – your happiness depends on it!

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