Attracting Your Soul Mate With The Law of Attraction

Ever since beginning work with the Law of Attraction, I’ve found that more interest has been expressed on attracting a soul mate than even on attracting money.  Luckily, attracting a soul mate couldn’t be easier, using the Law of Attraction.  There’s no reason you can’t attract that one special person who makes your heart thump, and who likewise feels the same about you.  Let’s discuss how you can attract your soul mate using the Law of Attraction.

First and foremost, the trick to attracting a soul mate (or anything, actually) is consistently keeping an image of having what you desire.  So it is very important that once you begin working on attracting your soul mate, you keep at it every day.  This process may take days, weeks, or even months, but if you stop working towards it, you may not succeed, so it’s important you are persistent. 

Each day, spend a little time daydreaming (read: visualizing) about that special person.  Imagine the feeling of being with them, holding their hand, enjoying their company.  This should give you plenty of warm fuzzies, and those emotions are exactly what are working to attract this person into your life.  It’s easiest if you don’t specify a person when you do this, but if you must, then there’s no reason you can’t succeed at attracting a specific person. 

This is probably best accomplished during the times when you are most comfortable, such as in the morning or evening when you are in bed or even when you are in a nice, sudsy bubble bath.  Be careful, because this process can become addictive!  And the more addictive it becomes, the more you’ll know you’re doing it right.  Don’t feel bad about it – if you fritter away endless hours daydreaming about being in love, that will only further empower your manifestation. 

If you break for a day or two, don’t worry about it, just start again when you notice that you haven’t been working on it.  Sometimes little things in life will come up and our habits will be broken – make sure you restart the pattern as soon as things calm down.

Also, make sure that you put yourself in places and situations where you can meet other people.  Go out to parties, hang out with friends, and find interesting things to do in places where you might meet someone new.  If you feel a whim to go somewhere that you hadn’t originally planned, go!  Sometimes your intuition will guide you, but only if you follow it.  Once you begin this work, you will be attracting the right circumstances to meet your soul mate.

Finally, when you meet that special person, you will feel a click.  They’ll feel it to – don’t worry, things will be pretty effortless.  Love at first sight is possible, but the phrase is a bit misleading.  It’s not sight that causes the love, but a soul recognition.  You and that special person will understand each other right away, and things will progress easily and naturally.  You will not have to work particularly hard at starting this relationship; it will be mutual.

Remember to remain persistent and work on your visualization every day.  The more time, energy and emotion that goes into it, the more quickly you will attract your soul mate.

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