Attracting Wealth with the Law of Attraction

Many people were inspired to learn about the Law of Attraction from the movie The Secret or by watching the teachers from The Secret on Oprah.  Attracting money is quite possibly the most common desire, and yet it is one of the most difficult to do.  However, the basic problems in attracting money are easy to get around.  Once these problems are circumvented, attracting money is a breeze!

The biggest problem with attracting money is that most people desperately need the money and choose money as their first manifestation goal.  However, due to the need for money and the constant habitual negative thinking surrounding money (“how will I ever pay that bill?”, “oh no, my power is going to be shut off”, ”I’ll never pay off this student loan”), any attraction dealing with money is likely to be offset by daily negative thoughts and feelings.  This causes a negative attraction which can offset or even completely cancel out your attempts to attract money.

Manifestation and attraction works when you take a positive, light-hearted and playful approach.  Patience and detachment are the keys to successful manifesting.  Since money is such a charged subject, it is difficult for people to detach themselves from their attraction attempts long enough for the money to manifest.  Meanwhile they continue thinking their daily thoughts (“I can’t afford these gas prices!”, “I wish I could afford a vacation”, “I’m not paid enough”) and these thoughts bring about negative feelings towards money that push their desires away.

The way to break around this is to start smaller, and focus on things other than money.  Begin by attempting to manifest something simple, like a red rose.  Beware, depending on what you visualize, you may get a real rose or you may end up with a box of tissue that sports a big red rose on the side.  Be as precise as you can in your imaginings, and always place yourself in the picture.  See yourself holding a rose, or whatever little desire you are attempting to manifest.

Once you manifest your first little thing, repeat this process two or three times.  Each time, what you will find is that your desires are manifesting, and that will add faith to your process.  When you turn back to manifesting money, begin by picking a smaller amount that you can believe in.  Five hundred dollars, a thousand dollars, anything so long as you can seriously believe that you can attain that money.  Keep a detached and playful mindset – this will bring your manifestation into your life more quickly.  As you succeed more and more, your faith will build, and your manifestations will happen faster.  Also you will develop a true realization that you are able to manifest your desires, and then you can begin working on attracting larger amounts of money while knowing all along that you will succeed.  As faith develops and begins developing into absolute knowns for you, your entire life will lighten up and you will feel the magic that is in the universe around you.

Best of luck and may you attract your every desire!

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