Attracting the Right Pet

Your pets are a part of your family.  They are with you throughout many years of your life.  A dog may be with you for up to twenty years.  A cat may be with you just as long.  Many parrots can live up to fifty years!  Obviously, finding the right pet is essential.  If you are going to spend that much time with an animal in your family, you want to be sure to pick the perfect dog, cat, bird, or whatever.  However, using the Law of Attraction, you can boost your chances of finding the perfect pet, rather than waiting around, hoping you’ll find the right animal for you.

To begin with, get an image in mind of the animal you would like.  Let’s use a dog as an example.  Imagine the physical characteristics first, and then spend a little time deciding exactly what personality traits you would like.  Should your dog be more intelligent or more cuddly?  Do you want both?  Should your dog be shy and friendly, or better suited as a guard dog?  Are you looking for constant companionship, or a more independent dog?  These are the types of personality traits you want to consider.

Now, before even beginning to look for your ideal pet, spend a few nights visualizing you and your animal doing the types of things you would like to do.  Hiking, swimming, watching TV together, playing fetch; all the interactions you would like to have.  Visualize yourself enjoying your new pet, and feel the love for the pet you will have.  After you spend a few minutes working on the images and mental movies, release them and forget all about it.  Resume your normal activities.

Repeat this process over the next few days.  When you feel ready, begin your pet search.  Try the newspaper or an online service such as petfinder, and start looking for the animal you imaged.  The actual animal may vary slightly from your intended picture, but the similarities should be glaring.  When you find the right animal, something will click and you will know it. 

Trust in the process, and keep an eye out.  Keep an ear out as well, as people at your workplace may mention a litter of pups or kittens that they are looking to find homes for.  Mention to your relatives what you are looking for, in case they run across the pet for you.  Once your intention work is done, the animal is coming to you – just keep an active lookout and wait until the universe presents your pet.

Don’t rush the process.  When you find your ideal pet, the timing will be perfect.  This may be difficult to accept until it actually happens.  Just remember, your pet will be a companion for years to come.  Be patient so that you find the right one, and your life will be greatly enhanced.  Best of luck and happy hunting!

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One thought on “Attracting the Right Pet”

  1. Thanks for this post about attracting the right animal into your life. I would like to add that it’s a good idea to include “for my highest and best good” (or something to that effect) when visualizing the characteristics you’d like to see in a companion animal.
    The reason I bring this up is that we can easily miss an important element when asking the universe for something. For instance, a friend visualized all the traits she would like in a boyfriend. He did show up in her life, and he was the perfect fit in every way, but . . . she had forgotten to specify “single” in her list of desired characteristics! So it turned out to be a frustrating experience, to say the least.
    When we trust that the universe knows everything we need, then we can let go of micromanaging, and know that our desires will be met in the best way possible — which is often better than we can imagine!
    (Full disclosure: I work with animals, and I help people solve problems they’re having with their animals, by doing animal communication. So this post was especially interesting to me. I’m subscribing to your blog, David, and reading your books, b/c I’m having a lot of trouble attracting financial abundance. Thanks for all your great help and advice!)

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