Attracting the Right Lover

If you are looking for your ideal mate, the Law of Attraction is your best friend!  Rather than wading through the sea of people, hoping to find the one person who works, why not simply attract the right person to you in the first place?  How many bad dates and failed relationships could you have avoided if you had simply attracted the right person and repelled the wrong ones?  Let’s discuss using the Law of Attraction to attract the right lover for you.

Once you have decided to find that one special person to spend your life with, it’s time first to take a good hard look at who you are and what you want in another.  Although this exercise is important, keep in mind, the universe may give you someone who at first glance doesn’t seem to fit your mental picture.  Looking back later, it may become apparent that you found exactly the perfect person for you.  So while this exercise is helpful in attracting the person you want, don’t insist that the person you magnetize match exactly your visualization.

For this exercise, find a quiet, peaceful place and begin to visualize being with the person you want.  Imagine walking hand in hand, laughing, snuggling up; anything that gives you a warm fuzzy feeling and excites you.  Imagine being very attracted to the person, but again, do not restrict the looks.  Allow the universe to bring your ideal person to you, and allow that person’s inner beauty to shine through, illuminating their outer beauty.  Imagine all of the intimate activities you will enjoy, such as dancing, snuggling up for movies, sharing baths, and of course sex.  Finishing this visualization exercise with a “happy ending” can actually add a giant boost to the energy you are giving to magnetizing your soul mate.  Also, the point of orgasm is one moment in life where the mind is completely still – make sure to keep your imaged lover in mind!

When the universe brings your romantic partner to you, you will feel it inside.  You will meet the person and feel immediately attracted to them.  You will just “know”, as they say.  The actual person may seem very different from the one you imaged, but the universe is not stupid.  Give them a shot, and you will be very glad you did.  Don’t start thinking that every person you are attracted to is the one – wait until you get a real emotional feel.  Just because you finished your visualization, the first attractive person to cross your path is not necessarily the person.  You will feel it in your solar plexus and in your heart.  It may be a feeling of anxiety or nervousness.  Or it may be a warm flush across your chest.  This is the universe letting you know that this is the person you have magnetized. 

There’s no reason to waste years of your life trying on different people, hoping to find the perfect fit.  You can easily begin drawing the right person to you today, so go ahead and get started!  Be patient – the universe will bring you the person, but it may not happen over night.  Keep doing your visualization from time to time, and just remain in a patient, anticipatory state.  Happy searching!

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