Attracting Success

The Law of Attraction works by using your desires and emotions to empower the manifestation of what you want.  For specific goals, such as a new car, this can be a simple task.  However, how do you get emotionally invested in broader goals, like attracting success?  There are things you can do, other than visualization exercises, to assist you in attracting success.  In fact, once you get good at this, you will begin a snowball effect whereby everything you touch seems to turn to gold.  Let’s look at how to begin attracting success into your life now.

First off, the Law of Attraction is basically a law that states that the universe must bend to match your inner state.  The outer world is merely an expression of your inner world.  Therefore, in order to begin attracting success, you need to become more success-oriented in your mental life.  This can be very powerful, as you can basically use every little thing that comes along in your life as an exercise toward charging your intent.  If you have a project at work, imagine being vastly successful.  In fact, imagine being vastly successful in your career in general.  Imagine success in resolving disputes.  Imagine success in finding a parking spot.  Imagine success in competitive sports.  Imagine success in ever area of your life.

In this way, you are not sitting down and attempting to visualize this all-generic term of success, but instead are making it real in several instances of your life.  “Success” is not exciting.  Winning a game you’re playing is far more exciting.  The idea of climbing to the top of the business ladder and becoming your own boss is exciting.  The idea of having all of your dreams fulfilled, your dream house, car, etc, is exciting.  Through these individual instances of success, you empower the totality of your success intent.

The more you work at making this habitual thinking, the more energy you will put into it.  Small successes will begin to come your way – relish each of them!  They will build into bigger and better successes, and this snowball effect will eventually take you, like a surfer on a powerful wave, straight into the life that you currently desire.  Remember to exercise your visualization and daydreaming powers with the smaller things first – success in business, success in love, success in games, success in finding friendships…  all of the little things add up to quite a large sum.

Finally, to become successful, begin acting as though you were already successful.  This inner experience will send out vibes to the universe saying that you are already successful, and more success will follow.  Good luck, and may you succeed at whatever you do!

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