Attracting Serenity

Our modern world is full of stress, hurry, worry, hustle, bustle and movement.  Let’s face it; we are busy, busy people.  We drag ourselves out of bed in the morning, race to work, race home, race to any extracurricular activities our kids may have, race to dinner, race back home, race to see our favorite shows, and then race to bed.  We repeat this cycle ad nauseum.  Finding serenity, tranquility, or even a moment of calm can be difficult.  Using the Law of Attraction however, it’s possible to begin attracting serenity into our crazy, stressful lives.

Serenity, by its very definition, is a state in which you are free from stress and anxiety.  How can you find serenity when every moment is stressful?  When you’re not actually involved in a stressful activity, you are anxious about what’s coming up.  It may shock you to hear that finding tranquility is nowhere near as difficult as you might imagine.  You don’t even have to actively attract serenity, but you can use a state of serenity to attract other desires, and the very process of attracting your desires can bring about the peaceful state you are looking for.  But first, you must make a few changes to your habits.

Cutting a little bit of time into your daily routine, (even if it’s only as little as half an hour), will allow you to begin attracting your desires into your life.  You can attract money, love, a new car, or whatever it is that you wish for.  These things (especially the money) can also assist you in your quest for serenity by freeing you from some of the daily stress you’re under, which mostly consists of earning money and paying out money.  However, by making your Law of Attraction exercises into sacred, peaceful times, you can begin to experience serenity in your life immediately.

Your first day, you will not be working with the Law of Attraction at all.  This may take you one try, or it may take up to a week.  Do this until you are able to clear away your stress and feel at peace, relaxed and in the moment during your set-aside time each day.  Sit, lie down, or relax however you want to in a place where nobody will disturb you.  Turn off your phone, quiet the computer, and make sure any kids or roommates won’t be intruding.  The purpose of this first exercise is to learn to set aside the daily stress and the incessant rambling of the mind.  You must remain relaxed and quiet. 

Stop the chattering in your mind.  When it begins chattering again, stop it again.  Don’t fight it, or you’ll lose.  Just notice when your mind begins to talk.  Become aware of it.  That’s not you – that’s your mind.  Each time you become aware of your mind chattering, just stop your train of thought and focus on being present.  Look around the room and focus on something in it.  Pay full attention to your sight, hearing, and sense of touch.  Your mind will continue to intrude, and you must continue to notice it and shut it off.  At first it’s like trying to quiet an excitable child, and you may get frustrated, but as you work at this your mind will gradually stop intruding, and you will find true silence and presence in the moment.  In this, you will feel serenity.

In this state of serenity, you may begin working on the Law of Attraction.  You will be vastly more successful in this state than while fighting an intrusive, long-winded emotional mind storm.  But most importantly, you will have learned to create serenity.

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