Attracting Money – Overcoming The Powerball Fallacy

Are you trying to use the Law of Attraction to win the lottery?  I saw you blush, I knew it!  It’s not working though, is it?  Why haven’t your lucky numbers come up?  I would argue that there are far easier ways to get rich than the lottery.  Let’s talk a little about the Powerball fallacy, and some better options for attracting wealth.

The biggest problem is that we all have very powerful subconscious beliefs about the lottery.  We know deep down that we don’t have a chance in hades of winning, because that’s what we were always told.  On top of that, our true desires are probably for freedom of time, freedom of energy, and freedom from stress.  Visualizing ourselves winning the lottery doesn’t quite pull the emotional energy up that visualizing ourselves with pure freedom could.  In the end, we are not truly allowing ourselves to win the lottery – there is too much subconscious resistance!

Don’t fear, because there are far easier ways to get rich than by attracting those 6 magical balls that will set you free!  Each of us has something creative to offer.  Whether we paint, play music, know a lot about analyzing stats or have a specialty that we could teach, there is something we have that other people are willing to pay for.  Some knowledge, some talent, or some specialty.  The internet is host to millions of people, who daily surf for the things that they want.  What if you could connect your knowledge/talent/specialty to those who are willing to pay for it via the internet?  You could connect to thousands of people every day!  Of course, it’s not that easy at first, is it?

First off, surf for your own specialty online.  Find some sites, some forums, or some chat boards devoted to your topic.  Join them, and begin participating.  You are investing your energy into this, which works much the same as a visualization meditation.  Remember, the more energy you put towards your desire, in whatever form, the more readily your desire will manifest.  Spend some time learning exactly what others are looking for, and when you have gathered enough data, put together a product – an e-book, a website, etc – that will satisfy those people’s needs.

You already have a presence in several online areas where you know people are looking for what you are offering now.  Without spamming these communities, begin to make others aware of your offering.  Answer questions, and refer people to your product.  Put a quick description and a link in your signature for forums.  Let others know in chat rooms that you have a solution available.  Be helpful, friendly, and above all, once you begin having customers, service them correctly!  Be polite, courteous, and quick to respond to any problems or inquiries!  Word of mouth is an amazing thing, and great customer service gets people talking, especially when combined with a great product.

Spend time each evening visualizing people finding and flocking to your product’s website.  Hold the image in your mind as long as you can, and feel the excitement of watching your new business succeed.  Every time you earn money, take a moment to feel grateful, and thank the universe for your blessing.  Finally, take the time to learn more about how you can improve your product and service, and expand your business to include other products and services.

What you are doing is called “niche marketing”, and most likely there are several niches you could service.  Most of us have more than one interest, more than one hobby, or more than one profession.  You can also release follow-up products that give your customers more of what they want.  By building a successful business online, the sky is the limit.  By putting all your hopes into lottery tickets, which you probably have deep-seated doubts about, you will not move forward.

This is one small, but powerful way that you can combine your knowledge, passions, the Law of Attraction, and the power of the internet to manifest a great deal of wealth.  Good luck!

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