Attracting Love with the Law of Attraction

The biggest question I am asked time and time again is how to use the Law of Attraction to attract love into your life.  Some people have a certain person in mind; others are just looking for a new relationship.  The Law of Attraction is more than capable of bringing you love – if you go about it the right way.

First and foremost, those of you with a hang-up on a particular person, I have bad news.  You may not attract that person you so hope to attract.  That’s not to say it’s impossible, and there’s a million reasons why you might be able to.  However, more often than not what I’ve seen in my experience is that rather than a particular target, people attract someone who is an exponentially better match for them.  So while you may groan, I have never met a person who was disappointed in the end.

Hand in hand with the previous statements, it is not wise to practice forceful visualizations involving a certain person.  In energy terms, this is imposing your will upon others, and simply doesn’t work.  Everyone has free will.  When you begin doing your visualizations or playful intentioning, focus on the feeling of being with someone you deeply care about.  Focus on the friendship, the romance, and the fun.  Don’t put a face on the person, or put an imaginary face on them.  Even if you manage to attract the person you’re interested in now, you will have more success with this tactic than with imagining that person specifically.

Lie back in your bathtub with a bottle of wine and imagine walking hand in hand with your lover down the beach.  Imagine dining out, taking walks, or talking lightheartedly until the sun comes up.  The more involved in this vision (imagining) you become, the more energy you are sending into the universe that says “bring me a person who can fulfill this role!”  When this is done properly, you will likely meet someone very quickly.  But don’t worry about the timeframe – just enjoy the vision.

Do this when you soak in the bath, when you lay in bed at night, and when you first wake up.  Imagine this as you drive to work or sit in traffic on the way home.  The more you do this, the more powerful it becomes.  Your life will become full of a thick, oozing energy of love and attraction, and this will attract the right person to you.  And when it happens, don’t forget to thank the universe!

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