Attracting Cash

What’s more exciting than the idea of being able to manifest loads of cash in your life with nothing more than some focused thought and daydreaming?  And yet, that’s entirely possible using the Law of Attraction.  By visualizing (daydreaming) the results of having money, you can begin attracting money into your experience, no matter what your current financial situation is.  Let’s discuss some simple visualizations you can use to begin attracting your financial freedom.

Of course, what’s more fun than the thought of having a brand new car?  Not just another car you buy for utility, but the actual car you really really want?  The first visualization exercise you can use to begin manifesting money is to imagine yourself owning and driving that very car.  What is it you want to do?  Just drive around and enjoy it?  Pick up women?  Take your friends for a spin?  Drive through the mountains with your top down?  Imagine exactly the kinds of scenarios that excite you about owning your dream car.  Imagine in detail, moment by moment, and fill your visualization or daydream with tactile, visual, and other sensory content.  See yourself in the car.  Feel the wind through your hair.  Hear your music playing on the radio.  You can’t have your dream car without money, and so by attracting your dream car you will naturally attract the money for it.

Next up, how about your dream house?  Now I’m not talking about that cute little cottage three streets over.  I’m talking about your mansion, on the beach, with rooms for every little interest you’ve ever even thought about having.  Your music section of the mansion, with recording studio and auditorium.  Your craft section, with painting room, gallery, sculpture room, pottery studio, etc.  Your media room, with huge plasma TV connected to a DVD player, surround sound, and your stereo.  And so on and so forth.  Take time to imagine living in your place, doing whatever you want.  Your dream house is going to be terribly expensive, I’m afraid.  Therefore, by working to attract it, you will be attracting lots of money in the process.

Your round-the-world vacations aren’t going to be cheap.  Especially when you stay at every place around the world you would like to for as long as you like!  Visualize each place you’d like to stay in excruciating detail.  Visualize yourself having a blast backpacking across Europe, lounging in Paris, site-seeing in Egypt, or wherever it is you would like to go.  By working to attract your ideal vacations and even more powerfully, the freedom of finances and time that is needed to vacation in this way, you will be attracting the cash it takes in the process.

How many adults really take the time to daydream, in depth, and without shame about all of the things they want out of life and would like to do?  Most adults do not take the time.  Time is money and daydreaming is wasteful.  However, this is the opposite of true, and taking the time to daydream like a kid will allow you to begin attracting your desires.  Notice in the above visualizations, I didn’t tell you to visualize a pile of money.  That’s because money itself is boring!  It’s the effects of having money that are interesting.  So when working to attract money, work on attracting the things you would like to be able to have and do with that money instead, and the money will come as the means.

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