Attracting a Peaceful Life

At times, life can be very turbulent.  In reality, there is metaphorical peace and war going on all the time.  The thoughts that you hold, which affect your vibrational frequency, determine where on the scale your experience falls.  Learning to raise your energy so that you attract positive, peaceful circumstances is very important.  Let’s discuss some ways to do that.

First and foremost, learning meditation is by far the most powerful tool you can utilize to raise your energy.  By learning to become silent, you can use visualization, much like in your typical law of attraction work, to raise your energy.  The major difference is that when you are raising energy, you will feel it as you do it.  Once you have begun to feel your energy body, there is no mistaking the feeling of raising (or the lowering of) your vibrations.

There are many sources for learning to meditate.  I will assume you can at least sit quietly with minimal thought interference.  What you need to do is to begin imaging your spine as a conduit which runs through you, far above and far below.  Become aware of your breathing.  As you breathe in, imagine a clear, whitish blue energy moving up into your spine, through you, and out the top of your head.  As you breathe out, imagine the bluish white energy coming in through the top of your head, moving down your spine, and out into the ground.

Practice this simple breathing visualization until you can do it easily.  Here comes the tricky part.  Once you have moved through a few breaths, alternating between the energy coming from below and the energy coming from above, sustain both at once as you breathe.  Imagine the energy coming from below and meeting the energy coming from above around the area of your navel.  Note that after a few breaths, you will feel a strong tingling sensation in that area.  As you continue, imagine a ball of energy forming in that spot, and growing with each breath.  Let it grow to be about the size of a baseball, and then begin to imagine it becoming brighter and brighter with each breath.

Finally, imagine it exploding into a brilliant warmth, like that of the sun.  Continue the breathing and simply enjoy the tingling warmth of this energy soothing your entire being.  There is a spot right below your navel chakra that is a primary storage place for energy in your body.  You are igniting the chakra and pulling energy into that storage area.  As it fills, eventually it will overflow upwards into your other storage spots.  Storing high vibrational energy in your body in this way gives you added energy for your daily life, higher natural vibrations which will affect the way you think and feel, and will act as a natural magnet for positive attraction.

You will notice that your thoughts become more positive without even having to work at it, and negative thoughts will be difficult to sustain.  Do this exercise every few days to keep your energy levels high.  In doing so, you will naturally attract a happier, more peaceful life.  You can live in drama, or you can live in peace.  The world never changes – it is only you that changes.  Learn now to begin changing yourself to only exist on a peaceful, gentle frequency.  Doing so will be the greatest simple investment of time you’ll ever make.

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