Attract opportunity. Be lucky.

Have you always wanted to be the ‘lucky one’? That’s the person who always seems to be in the right place at the right time, get the bonuses, raises and great life surprises.

You can use the Law of Attraction to ask to be such a person.  Opportunity channels are all around you.

Every day you encounter hundreds of people and situations. Many of them you don’t even take notice of – people you are standing near in a line to get a cup of coffee, those holding a conversation around you while waiting in the subway, or even the words on a billboard advertisement that may have spoken to you if you were listening.

If you were listening, and being open for an opportunity, you may have overheard a conversation where someone mentions that a company is looking or a person to fill a role that would be perfect for your future.  Noting this opportunity and applying could be the step you had been hoping for in your career path.  But if you were not open to the opportunities and channels all about you, you may never have noticed the conversation that could send your life in a new direction.

Daily you should ask the universe to help you open up to positive new channels and new opportunities.

Positive thought breeds positive results.  Hoping for something good to happen is not enough. You must also believe that you deserve to be given a new channel or opportunity to prosperity. You must feel throughout your being that you are ready for this new path and that it is time for you to receive it.  That if you see an opportunity coming, you know you will grab onto it. If you do not completely believe that you are worthy of positive things to happen in your life, the universe will feel that you are not ready for it, and such things will not be granted to you.

Every day you are given countless choices, opportunities and channels to pursue.  While you may not see all of them, using positive thinking and the Law of Attraction can bring more of them into view.

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