Ask, Re-ask, Repeat

Some wonder how many times they should ask the universe for the things they would like it to bring to them using the Law of Attraction. 

While you really only need to ask a question once, it is not always a bad thing to ask again.

If you are clear and specific on what you want the first time you ask, chances are the wheels are already turning to bring that to you. How clear were you?  Did you have a complete image in your mind of what you want and what it would look like if it came to pass? Did you know what you would kind-of like to see happen, and asked for that, not knowing what your life would look like when it was manifested?

If you have not clearly defined in your mind or in your question what you want and the impact you want it to have on your life, asking again could help create a clearer image of your desires. 

Asking again will also help to solidify your belief in the universe.  If you are asking the universe for things, but are in the back of your mind wondering if it will work, you are not sending the most positive energy out to work for you.  However, if you regularly re-ask the universe for what you want, and clearly picture the results and their impact in your life, you will be strengthening the energy you send out.  The more you are able to picture your request coming to be, and it’s effect on your life, the more energy you are giving the universe to make it happen.

Some requests may take a long time to come to fruition, and during that time, your course may have changed.  What you thought you needed months ago may not be exactly what you need today. You can use re-asking to fine tune what you need from the universe and give a clearer image of what you would like on your path to prosperity.

In some respects, using the Law of Attraction can be compared to the squeaky wheel.  The more you ask, and the more clearly you ask for something, the better your chances of getting just what you want from the universe in return.

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