Ask for Guidance

Many people don’t like to ask for help.  Pride gets in the way.  This can be seen in a person who is lost on a drive and keeps circling a neighborhood showing up late, instead of stopping to ask for directions.  Maybe it’s someone who is struggling with a heavy load, but instead of asking for assistance, tries to do it all themselves, and ends up with a back injury.

These are both situations that could have been easily solved, without negative consequences by just asking for help.  That principle holds true when you are on your divine path as well.  You can try to make it alone, and take the chance of getting tripped up, going off on a wrong side road, or any number of consequences, or you can just ask for help.

When you are on your path to prosperity, you may notice a feeling nagging you inside that tells you it is time for something to happen, something to change.  You must open up to the changes and let them know it’s ok to come, then ask for help taking the right route in this change. 

Use an affirmation such as, “I am prepared for the next step in my path to prosperity. Show me the path I am supposed to be on and help me find the way.”
After you start saying the affirmation daily, and open yourself up to guidance, you need to keep your eyes open. 

Not always is guidance in the right direction a very obvious sign.  It could be. It may even be a billboard for a new job opportunity that gets your attention, but it could also be something much more subtle, a few words in a conversation that trigger something inside, or a passage in a book that seems to have a strong meaning to you. 

Take note of these little nagging feelings, those are the gentle pushes showing you which direction to go.
One you feel them, write down what made you get the nagging feeling, and how it made you feel. If you still cannot decide on the action to take, you can once again ask for guidance through your affirmations to lead you the right way.

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