Are you impatient?

Are you impatient? Have faith in the Universe.

If you don’t see immediate results in the things you want, do you figure you are not going to get them then become frustrated? 

This could be creating obstacles in your use of the Law of Attraction. If you are using the law correctly, you will only have to ask for something from the universe once.  After that, you know throughout your being that the universe has heard your request and is working on it.  It could take time for the entire request to come to fruition, but you know that the process is underway. You feel secure that things are happening for you, and can move on to other things in your life, instead of second-guess if and when things will come to you.

To second-guess the universe is to doubt it, to doubt that the Law of Attraction is real, to doubt that it can work for you. All of that doubt can harm what you are asking for.  If you deep down start to convince yourself that since you haven’t seen results, it probably isn’t working, and therefore you won’t get what you are asking for, you are predestining yourself to be disappointed.

You are putting negative energy out into the universe, and negative energy is exactly what you will get back.

Instead, believe that the bigger requests you have made will take some time, and instead appreciate the little gifts the universe is giving you every day.  It could be getting the opportunity to spend some time with a good friend, having a little extra free time in your week to enjoy a movie you have wanted to see, or even just a great tasting meal. These are all little things that are pieces of the puzzle that make you have pleasurable days.

Think about the little things that make every day happier and appreciate they were in it. Be thankful that the universe saw fit to give you many small gifts, while also knowing that it is working to bring the larger things you have asked for.

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