Appreciate Your Bills

If you are like almost every other person in the world when the monthly bills come in, you feel down. There’s a drop in your energy knowing that the money you have worked hard to earn is about to go back out the door to someone else.

You are looking at those bills the wrong way. 

Let’s take a new look at the bills you pay every month. 

First, the fact that you are paying bills means that you have the money to pay for things you need and want. Those who have no bills also often do not have the things they need or want, because they cannot afford them.

Do you have a credit card bill to pay?  What does that credit card stand for? Trust. Someone has put their trust in you to give you money in advance to purchase the things you want and need by giving you that credit card.

The same can be said for utilities, and other bills that allow you to use their service first, then pay for it later. They have trust in you as a person to pay your obligations, and that you will be able to make the money to do that.

Consider what happens when you pay your bills. That money is going back out into circulation to do more good, generate more prosperity, and likely come back to you as a piece of your path to prosperity.

Bless your expenses and appreciate the bills as they come in. When they first arrive, hold them in your hand and know they will be paid and that you will continue to be able to enjoy your life in a comfortable way.  You can even go as far as writing a blessing on the envelope, such as, “I bless this expense, because by receiving it, it means I have been able to acquire the things I want and need in life.”

The expenses we have every month are a sign of our growth, our responsibilities, and as those bills are paid and we enjoy the life we have created, that is a sign of our prosperity.

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