Appreciate what the Universe is giving you

The first time you use the Law of Attraction successfully and realize the universe has brought what you have asked for, you will likely be very pleased and thankful for the gift.  Even if it is something simple, you will feel excitement and joy that the request you have made has been received.  But over time, many forget to notice the gifts. They may see the large gifts, but they quit noticing the smaller presents from the universe and overlook them, taking them for granted. Eventually, they may even begin to start to expect things from the universe and forgetting to be thankful.

This lack of gratitude will eventually backfire, breed negativity, and bring negativity into your life.  This is where a Journal of Thanks can come into play to stop that trend before it starts.

A Journal of Thanks is just what it sounds like – a journal where you can give thanks for the things you have, and the things that are coming to you. 

At least once a day you should write in the journal, discussing your appreciation for the positive things in your life, and your thankfulness to the universe for bringing these things to you. For things you have asked for, but not yet received, thank the universe for the work it is going through to bring these things to you.

Also, you can use your Journal of Thanks to write down the things that you have asked the universe for, and and read over the list every day. Recommitting these items to the universe will strengthen your request, and strengthen the Law of Attraction in bringing these things to you.  The more energy you put into the things for which you ask, the more energy the universe will put into bringing these things to you.

Notice which of the things you have written in your Journal of Thanks have come to fruition, and again thank the universe for your blessings. 

Remember, what you put into the Law of Attraction, is what you shall reep.  The more positive energy you put into your requests, and the more appreciation you have for the things that are coming, the more you shall receive.

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