Appreciate the channels that open to you

While you may not realize it, there are a number of channels that leave themselves open to you every day to help you on your path to prosperity.

You should regularly offer a blessing to these channels for always being there and consistently offering you the good things you need along your journey.

How do you know the channels are working?  An easy way to find out is to take something you want, and write it down.  Each day, bless the channels in your life for being open and helping you to get the things you want.  If you are trying to sell your home, visualize the sale going through.  Picture each signature as the paperwork on the home changes hands.  Also write down what you would like to be paid for the home. But, remember to be fair in the price and not try to hurt the other person who is involved in the deal for your gain.

As you continue to bless the channels for helping to come up with this thing you need and visualize it, you will find that you are getting offers on the home.  They may not all pan out, but there will be more offers coming than you had seen before.

Keep up the visualization, picturing that final meeting where the papers and the key are handed over to a new owner. Bless the channels that are going to bring that buyer to you. 

You should also bless the channels you don’t even know are out there. This is much like walking down a street you are familiar with in your city. While you know this street and use it every day, there are a number of other streets that would take you to the same destination, but offer you a different view on your journey.  The prosperity channels are much the same. Your path can have many of them that will show and offer you new things that you never thought of before. Some of these are things that may even make your overall path to prosperity a more enjoyable journey.

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