An Interesting Way to Develop a “Wealth Mindset” Interview with Brad Yates

This one is an interview with Brad Yates who talks about using EFT–a technique that takes only 5 minutes and 49 seconds per day, yet yields big results when it comes to developing your “wealth mindset.”

If you’re looking to attract more money and be more comfortable financially, you’ll want to check this out!

Mindset is the #1 thing that either holds you back or moves you forward.  If you’re not where you want to be, I encourage you to listen to this interview and start changing your mindset today.

It’s tough to explain with words, so check out this video and listen to the audio below for more information on how you can use this concept to help you develop the mindset you want.


Listen to the interview below…

Download the interview here.

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5 thoughts on “An Interesting Way to Develop a “Wealth Mindset” Interview with Brad Yates”

  1. I don’t understand it. Here I am, 60 years old, still trying to make a success of my business life, both offline and online, unhappily married, two clever but unwell grown-up children, almost bankrupt: I got halfway through your video and just burst into tears, and I can’t stop….. I’ll try again tomorrow …

  2. To person who commented above:
    I am so sorry to read about all that you are going through. You must feel so overwhelmed right now. I am sending you prayers and light with the hope things get better for you soon.
    Nothing happens by accident. The fact that you found your way to this blog entry at this time in your life says so much. Without going into great detail, I, too, have had to deal with some struggles of my own. I found that giving things like EFT (which is shown in the video) really do help. When you first do it, your life doesn’t change overnight, but you do experience a sense of calmness and peace. Please give it a try.

  3. So much compassion brought tears to my eyes. It is a powerful testimony of how when things are done with love, they bring about more love in the world. I too join in prayers for you Brian, and yours. Keep tapping to unblock the energy. Your tears are a clear indication that you are being cleansed. How liberating. Thank you Brad for showing us this technique. I too am experiencing beautiful results, in particular the release of fears. God bless you for this labor of love.

  4. Hi David,
    It is awesome that you are blogging about Brad Yates and EFT! I have done the Brad Yates (above) tapping in the morning off and on for over 6 months. It just helps you feel GREAT (as intended) and I find myself handeling life much better (not just reacting to it).
    Brad Yates and Joe Vitale is a fabulous team. They have made a fantastic program!
    I am also an EFT practitioner and it is an amazing tool to overcome your set backs and blocks, and then turn your life around. My beliefs is that when you are ready to heal, tools will be avaliable for your healing. EFT is expanding in many areas and is also used with other healing modalities.
    Read more about EFT on where you can download a free manual.
    Rev. Mary Madeline Day

  5. Greetings, and thanks for generously sharing those helpful tools. I found Brad’s videos uplifting and soothing and loving and comforting. I’ve done EFT before, and I often forget that it’s a valuable tool to use if I so choose. Today, I realized that doing it WITH someone is so much more powerful for me! I will visit that video again!
    Blessings and self-love to all who read this!

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