Activate The Law of Attraction to Your Own Astonishment!

W. Clement Stone, his own life a tremendous rags to riches success story, was not an individual to hide his light under a barrel. He was, until his passing at the age of 100 a few years ago, a source of incredible wisdom and creative energy for all who knew him, and continues to be for those who are perceptive enough to study his inspiring body of works. Penned with Napoleon Hill in 1960, Stone’s `Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude’ is a must read and re-read for all on the path towards achievement through the Law of Attraction.

Stone constantly emphasized that the fabulous fortune he amassed was due to his own positive attitude. He also displayed an astonishing `share the wealth’ philosophy. Stone not only wrote and lectured about the secret to his success, he also gave, in his lifetime, over $275 million to Christian and mental health organizations. Stone obviously saw no conflict over the joy of increasing wealth combined with a heart after God!

Just as Stone embodied the spirit of the power of positive thinking, he was also a man who believed in adding feet to his beliefs. Stone is quoted as saying, `There is something more important than believing: Action! The world is full of dreamers, there aren’t enough who will move ahead to take concrete steps towards actualizing their vision.’

What steps are you taking to enable the Law of Attraction to extraordinarily enhance your future? Perhaps you dream of a world cruise. Have you gathered information? Is your vision poster embellished with photos of the ships you will travel on? Are you studying any foreign languages for extended stays in exotic ports of call? Have you discovered if you have any friends or family to visit en route? Who will be joining you? Do you have a world map highlighted with your course? Have you determined the cost and did you include a lavish budget for purchasing lovely handmade treasures on your many stops? How about taking a tour of the type of ship you plan to embark on, taking numerous photos as you explore. Perhaps even video tape your tour, and narrate the recording with positive affirmations of what your trip aboard will be like, as if you are already on it.

Are you getting the idea? Whatever your next endeavor is, thoroughly investigate it, so your visualizations have some solid direction. Take practical steps towards your dream, and continue to plan it as it were going to occur very quickly. Your vision will be manifested that much sooner if you are positively involved in the creating of your own reality.

Dr. John Gray, an astonishingly positive and energetic man, in a lecture based on his most deeply spiritual book to date, `Getting What You Want and Wanting What You Have’, explains it isn’t enough for him to sit in a room and believe he can write a book! He must actually, after visualizing the book, sit down and allow his creative spirit to take over. If Gray never approached a keyboard, or even pen and paper, it is highly doubtful he would be the prolific, best selling author he is today, and millions of people would not be privy to his marvelous insights.

Whatever your dream, there are practical steps to achieving it you can begin to explore today. The Law of Attraction holds all the power of the universe to take your magnificent obsession and manifest it in your life. Your future is going to be delightful, you better be prepared!

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