Let me introduce myself. I’m Wendy Wallace.

Seven years ago, David Hooper and I connected in an unusual way.

One night, at the beginning of October, I called in to an online radio talk show hosted by a psychic medium whose show I had only heard once before, but sensed I should call in to ask what the future had in store for me. At the time, I was trying to attract more clients for my intuitive counseling practice. Financially, it had been a difficult summer and early fall. I didn’t know how, or when, things might get better. I needed some insight and reassurance.

David was listening to the same show.

At the end of my call, the host invited me to give out my Web site address. I did. Within half an hour, David contacted me. My life changed.

At the time David came into my life, the movie The Secret had just been released. I watched the movie several times. I believed in the law of attraction, but it was really hard to put into practice when I had so little money and was feeling desperate.

Also, at that time, David had just published his book Law of Attraction – How to Attract Money, Love, and Happiness. He was living what he believed and wrote about in that book. The more I talked to him and observed the way he believed wholeheartedly in abundance, always trusted things would work out, and lived “as if” until the “as if” became a reality, completely changed the way I approached manifesting and my feelings about money.

Over the years, I have seen him increase his income dramatically, purchase a beautiful house, and, most impressively (to me anyway) attract one opportunity after another—from booking awesome guests for his radio show to having his self-published books sell all over the world and much more.

Since that fateful night all those years ago, we have learned from each other and supported each other as we created more wealth and more success than either one of us had experienced before.

When we first connected I was solely focused on making more money, wealth also came in the form of a strong, enduring friendship with David.

In many ways, I have created my ideal life. I haven’t worked at a 9-5 job since 1990. I live in a neighborhood here in Toronto, Canada that is perfect for me. I have several sources of income. I’ve gotten the chance to connect with many interesting people. On most days I feel at peace and appreciate the freedom I have.

In the recent years, I’ve become more conscious of what I want to bring into my life. I’ve changed my own beliefs and mindset. I go about attracting things differently than I had before. You know what? The changes worked. I’m manifesting bigger and faster than ever.

You can do the same.

The most exciting, most rewarding, moments are when you are looking at your bank account, standing in the kitchen of your home, or taking in the sights on your vacation knowing, at one time, it was a vision you had for your life that you believed in and you opened yourself up to make it happen. Those moments don’t have to be rare. They can happen for you every day.

David and I have come together to share what we have learned when it comes to envisioning an amazing life and making it a reality. Whether you find inspiration within one of David’s (and soon mine!) books, within one of the blog posts, or an episode of the Rich Switch podcast, it is my hope you will move that much closer to having all your heart’s desires.


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