A Basic Understanding of the Law of Attraction

Myths and Realities

We cannot confine ourselves to a single definition of the law of attraction. For some it’s karma while others associate it with the golden rule. The law of attraction is about energy – the energy of our feelings. It works like a magnetic pole, i.e. sending out energy from one end which is received at the opposite end.

What we do to others happens to us also. Whether we are caring, loving or even hurtful, the emotions get back to us through different actions. The law of attraction rewards each and every emotional move. You show love, your reward is love. You show hatred, your reward will be hatred. The law of attraction works like the law of gravity; it holds on to the same path. The same kind of feelings will be triggered back to us in more than one circumstance. Whenever we encounter a circumstance we don’t like, we always have an opportunity to attract something different and better.

The Value of Feelings:

What is important in the law of attraction is to understand what our feelings are. We can always attract better circumstances and live the way we want by having control over our feelings. It is all about owning one’s feelings and allowing them to flow and then releasing them without any high expectations. Having expectations is necessary since we do have certain desires and intentions. No matter who you interact with, you will always experience some kind of reward with the emotions you released during that interaction. This force is natural and is thus called the law of attraction.

Changing a particular circumstance always depends on us. Most of the time these emotions are generated unintentionally and we do not determine the flow of emotions. According to the law of attraction, by releasing these emotions, intentionally or unintentionally, we have already created the situation we are in right now. Habitual reactions can be changed which in turn can affect our future to a great extent. The change will always be positive. Whatever the cause of emotions, try and acknowledge them. Don’t run away from it. They are real and must be accepted. It requires enormous amounts of persistence, courage, perseverance and determination to make an attempt to shift our feelings. 

Holding back your emotions and finding the right time to execute them will help you fight negative emotions. Challenge your negative emotions. Try to analyze and question every decision you take. The law of attraction requires that we analyze circumstances very carefully before being drawn to them.

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