6-Week Money Makeover – Create More Money in 2009

We're doing a six-week course to help you jumpstart the Law of Attraction in your life for 2009…especially when it comes to making money.  As a bonus, I'm throwing in four of my books as well as three audio books.

Each week, you'll get a "lesson" teleseminar, which you'll be able to get via phone or Web.  You'll also get a phone call, where you'll be able to talk to me and Wendy Wallace personally about any Law of Attraction issues you're having when it comes to bringing more money into your life.

Both Wendy and I are big believers in the Law of Attraction, so we've set the price cheap.  In fact, we're letting you pick the price.  We want everybody to be able to afford this course…especially since those with not a lot of money right now are the people who need it most.

2/4 UPDATE – Class is closed to new registrants.  Thanks for your interest!

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14 thoughts on “6-Week Money Makeover – Create More Money in 2009”

  1. I need to know if this is a one time price or if you are going to put me in a membership of any kind. I have been scam so many times where they keep taking the cost out of my account every month. I can not afford this to happen. Please tell me is this price a one time deal?
    Jana Page

  2. Good question! Right now, we are planning on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9pm Eastern. There is a slight chance we’ll be doing 8pm Eastern though. Scheduling everything now and will post/email as soon as we have the specific time. 🙂

  3. You should receive details within a day or signing up. I will personally check on your order to make sure these details went out.
    Downloads will be sent this weekend. These are new versions of my books which aren’t available anywhere else, so it has taken us a bit longer to get them online than originally expected. Apologies for that. 🙂

  4. Hi David,
    I tuned in last night thinking it was at 8:00 CST.
    Obviously it started at 7:00? Please let me know if it will be at 7:00 all the time. If so I will have missed both this week because I have a meeting this Thursday. Bummer. Let me know when I can listen to them.
    PS: I met you at Cynthia’s and told her about it, she thinks it is great.

  5. Yes, 8pm Eastern and we will continue at this time.
    If you miss a call, you can listen to a recording using the same link you’d listen live with. We’ll also be taking questions via the email group.
    Details are in your confirmation email.
    Looking forward to talking with you!

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